mar 7

March 10, 2010

March 7, 2010,

Yes, comfort foods when you’re sick….chicken noodle soup made by Mom, a favorite comforter and your best movie re-run! Nope, tonight it’s a SMALL container of ice cream and full helping of original flavor NyQuilf!!! Yummy. Asleep at 8:30. But just as well, there’s no loads out of Hurricane, UT till Monday morning probably.

Yes, a mostly sunny morning, the re-freshing rain from has left the promise of a good day. Now, if my clogged head and runny nose would just clear up. I’m be better. But no, I think I’ll have a power breakfast of mini-donuts and an orange. Followed by a mixture of OJ and Fresca. And I’ll get catch up on what I’m up to.