mar 7

March 10, 2010

March 7, 2010,

Yes, comfort foods when you’re sick….chicken noodle soup made by Mom, a favorite comforter and your best movie re-run! Nope, tonight it’s a SMALL container of ice cream and full helping of original flavor NyQuilf!!! Yummy. Asleep at 8:30. But just as well, there’s no loads out of Hurricane, UT till Monday morning probably.

Yes, a mostly sunny morning, the re-freshing rain from has left the promise of a good day. Now, if my clogged head and runny nose would just clear up. I’m be better. But no, I think I’ll have a power breakfast of mini-donuts and an orange. Followed by a mixture of OJ and Fresca. And I’ll get catch up on what I’m up to.


One Response to “mar 7”

  1. TommyD said

    Great to see you blogging! Hint might post day of week that it is when talking time tables. So you don’t get a load until Monday, but what day of the week was March 7th? I would have to go look that up to see how many days you were without a load. Just a suggestion. Love Ya, T

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