What a beautiful sunrise this was, even if I can’t remember where it was. I called the airlines that morning and asked them if they had any planes in the area. Of course they did, they said. Oh, great, and would you be so nice as to fly into my shot!! Not bad from a moving truck and a no look, over the shoulder, one handed shot.

Back on the road again…..or at least to the west side of town, waiting for a trailer to take to LA in the wee hours of the morning. Of course, being Easter weekend, will they have a load for me? Sorry I sound so pessimistic, but rolling down the road equals money in the bank. One would think they’ve have a week of freight planed out for every driver. Some day soon….

As almost all of you know I was in the hospital for 5 days this last week. I won’t bore you with the details. They treated me for some things I didn’t know I had and others I knew but didn’t know they were a problem. I have to be back for re-checks in a month or sooner. It will all depend on when I can make appointments with both docs on the same day, than whether I can get back to Phx on that day. Yet, I’m sure I can. I’m actually doing pretty good, feeling better and getting some rest. I left Thursday night about 9pm and drove to LA for a 4am delivery on Friday. I got very little sleep on Thursday and as soon as I docked for the live load, I was in the bunk trying to sleep. Got a little when I parked it on the street after they were done. Then drove last night until about 1am this morning before emptying , then picking up another load at the same place. I’m really tried and parked for the day in Central CA, ate some lunch and tried to get some rest. I have a delivery appointment time for SoCal on Monday morning. Will be talking to the fleet supervisor about getting longer mileage loads next week. I am trying to improve my mind-set about accepting the dysfunctional aspects of the trucking industry in general. It does no good to complain about something I can’t change and very little control over.

The weather this April Fools Day was beautiful in Phx. Started with some clouds over night, blocking out the bright reflections from the moon. Then a partial cloudy morning , turning to clear blue skies in the late afternoon sun. The temperatures have fallen tonight, I put on a flannel shirt and socks as I’m waiting for the trailer to arrive. I should be trying to get some sleep…

My time off with Mom went well, if only too busy getting my ‘to do’ list done. Being away from a home base for so long, leaves little time at home to do anything other than run around. But I got a lot accomplished, even looked at a couple of used trucks this afternoon. The pictures I’ve added are older ones but still real pretty. The fruit trees in Central CA have begun to turn a bright green. In other fields the pink and white blossoms will turn to fruit we’ll be eating this summer. The packers are already storing boxes and labels for the fruit we’ll be hauling to a store near you soon! So BUY, BUY, BUY more fruit and veggies! It’ll keep you healthier and the truckers moving.

The tee-pees are actually hotel rooms at a modernized Motor Lodge located on old Route 66 in San Bernardino, CA. Pretty cool to think maybe our parents and grand-parents actually could have stayed in one of these.

I think you’ve seen this craving before, I’m sure I included it at some point. Pretty cool anyway, placed near the road in front of a trailer park in Little Rock, AR

This the building along the highway was taken in Southwestern Colorado, winter 09. This was the only store or set of building for miles along I70; have no idea where the town is that would have supplied this lace with their customers.

Along the road through Utah, around the Bryce Canyon area, along I70, headed to Denver. It is so pretty in the summer, then add the white coating and it almost turns into another place all-together. The Grand Canyon does the same thing.

Jan, you wanted a picture of my truck…here is what the front of it looks like! I’ll work on getting the rest of it for you. Taken in SoCal.

I just love rainbows, singles. doubles, and triples. If I ever saw four of them, that would be soooooooooo way cool! Probably because it’s the reminder of God’s promise in our hurried, busy lives. These one’s over a fruit free field n Central CA.

How, for a place I just recently visited or more actually drove through. Just west of St George UT, east of Mesquite NV on the corner of AZ, UT and NV, a placed called Virgin River. I15 winds in and out as it runs through the canyon walls with the river below you, deep at the bottom of the canyon walls. At some point there must have been a low volume rushing river there, as the canyon is deep and not very wide. And the water has always been a very muddy reddish-brown. It’s a high desert river, so it’s probably hot in the summer time but mild during the winters. Regardless, very pretty.

About the only thing I learned in Geology class was about the ‘moving’ rock that covered the earth a very long time ago. This area near Virgin River, AZ, shows the rock after it’s cooked and settled. It could be mixed with a type of lava to have flowed the way it has from the other pictures I’m keeping all to myself….(not really, just no room here). The rock surface is smooth, with smooth edges which may have been smooth over the million of years it’s been here. Or a lot of visitors all wanted to take home a piece of it!!

How about that, I get a load tomorrow to Phx that empties in the morning I’ve called the specialists I need to see and they have an opening in the afternoon. PTL. Hopefully, I can get some answers to the clogged arteries in the brain. That weights pretty heavy most of the time. It feels like a ticking time bomb, tick,tick,tick, yet can’t the clock as no face or hands, just a ticking sound.

It’s beautiful in SoCal, the blue sky is probably above the brown cloud layer that seems to always be there. Oh, I have it figured out! It’s there to keep these silly people at the beach from burning when they’re testing whether the sun really does cause sink cancer!!!! Oh, well, regardless, it’s cooler this morning after raining last night. While it’s stopped right now, it’s supposed to rain again this afternoon, but only time will tell. If the clouds blow away maybe I’ll see blue sky.

Got to go for now. Hope everyone could open the blog and it looked OK. Let me know what you think. I’m hoping everyone will be able to open it and enjoy it. Till later…Doug