The hills are alive with the sound of diesel…..

May 9, 2010


Hi, are ya ready for another chapter of my race down the road against the wind? OK, it’s not much of a race in CA, at only 55mph. But soon, I hope to be traveling in faster company and have different views for you to enjoy. I got’ a tell ya, the desert is so pretty after the winter rain has watered the native bushes and trees and they begin to blossom with colors as bright as the rainbow. The runs up and down Central CA and over the desert to Phx have been lush with colors back dropped against the mountains and Yucca.

I received good news today from the specialist at Barrows in Phx. Doc. McDougal said there’s nothing he sees that needs his attention now and continue to treatment as planned. And have a CAT in 3 years! Now I need to get to Doc. Paine before I get too far East and have trouble getting back to Phx to see him. And I’ve almost completed my medical directives; which is a good think.

But what a beautiful day today is. I’d tell you where I am but I have no idea, since I really don’t even know where today is suppose to be. I can tell you, the flowers are beginning to bloom and have filled the desert with their beauty.

I’m headed toward SLC along with a load of styro cups from the SanFran city by the bay. It was cool and clear on yesterday as I walked up over the hill from the Richmond oil fields and had views across the water toward the city by the bay. I was parked over night right next to a marina boat yard where there were many boats in dry dock, in various stages of repair or in storage from last season. Several of them were so cool; a houseboat, an old pleasure yacht made of wood and a older ‘J’ racing yacht.

I just got back to SoCal after a quick load to Denver then to Salt Lake City before landing in smogsville again!! I know it was smoggy when I grew up here but not as smoggy as it is today. Now it seems to run from the beaches ‘clear’ to the inland deserts of Palm Springs and Indio; from San Diego to almost Bakersfield. It seems you have to get north of Santa Barbara to get out of the smog. But it could be worst…..the whole state could be smogged in!

Vicki, here’s a picture of the gates that close over the highway 80 in WY and MT when the snow is to deep and blowing for traffic to continue. It really happens more then a few times each winter. Can you now enjoy the winters in Tampa Bay?

And I’ve sold the mobile home, finally! The deal was actually signed late last month after all the parties accepted the offer, money was transferred and the seller (mortgage co.) and the buyer have told me it’s a done deal. Now, I can move n to the next phase of my adventure…

Here’s an interesting shot of the ship yards and container yard in Long Beach.

I had a great visit with my kids over the weekend. I saw Chrissy, Tom and Jillian, minus Jessica who was at a Bible verse contest in Dallas, on Friday evening. (Jessica, I’m sorry if I described it incorrectly…let me know the correct name) Then drove to OKC and saw Aaron and Angie on Saturday for a good breakfast and spent some time just visiting. It’d been too long since I’d seen everyone, it really felt good to feel connected again. Thanks for getting together with our old man!

So long for now, see ya again soon…………….


5 Responses to “The hills are alive with the sound of diesel…..”

  1. Tommt said

    Doug, it is always a fun time with you around! Yes we all miss you too and Jessica says she really wants to see you next time! Man do you get around great pics!

    Love ya,

    • Hey, there Tom,
      I’ve received 3 comments from you, all good comments. Thank you. I’m not sure why you can’t see them. Thanks for the suggestion and the work on the PayPal idea. I’ll look into it. Other have suggested ideas along that same idea. You never know what lies ahead of us.

    • you’re comment about the SPOT, showed up as SPAM…’re the computer guy, good luck with that one!

  2. Congrats on the great medical news! So glad you’re on the “road” to recovery! Pics are beautiful – the desert is a wonderous place. Glad your travels got you home to see the kids and your world seems to be back on track.

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