May 13, 2010

This is about a month old, sorry. But I’m back tracking a little……look at it as a story with a history. I’m back in SoCal with a load of soap. Tomorrow I’ll pick-up a load of something from a Goodyear Tire plant and take it to Sparks, NV, outside Reno. I’ve been running the way I want to for the last 10 days; getting a pre-plan before I drop my present load. The load I picked up 10 days ago I hope started a pattern of full driving days without the sitting part. Now that I’ve heard from the doctor, today I talked again with the FM supervisor about running the whole 48. I’m hoping this will translate into more miles, less sitting and thus more dollars. The down side is it will also mean I’m not ‘home’ as often. But there’s a down side to everything. The good side is now that the MH is gone; so now the search is on for a pure Owner Operator (O/O) company to lease onto so I can learn more about the business side of trucking. I’ll earn considerably more as an O/O then as a company driver. Of course there’ll be more risk but I can minimize most of them. I’ve been attending web-based seminars geared to the would-be O/O detailing the pit-falls of buying your truck and then how-to start your own business. They are put-on by an O/O who runs a company contracted to FedEx with lots of experience and know-how. I’m hoping it’ll only take me about 6-9months once I lease on to the right company before I’ll be ready to sign with LandStar or a like company. Someplace where I’ll be able to turn down loads that don’t pay enough, and to run more of the ‘lanes’ I want to run, allowing me to take time off where and when I chose. That is one of the reasons I started down this adventure in the first place. I’m finding there are more O/O only companies out there then just LandStar; so I’ll have more choices to choose from. Most of them have both dry box and refer trailers they’ll rent me; rather then having to buy my own right away. They partner with companies to offer insurance, truck maintenance, tires, etc. and almost everything else I’ll need to run my own truck. They are basically a very large broker with a built-in supply of drivers to run their freight. This is the next best thing to having my own authority. Which may not be necessary…. I just know I have to be in more control of what I’m doing, succeed or fail, it has to be my own doing

I drive up to Reno out of San Bernardino, CA with the desert green with a carpet of grasses. The mountains have a topping of white frosting that the skiers and snowboarders seem in a hurry to get to. I came up on the eastern slope of the Sierras, through Victorville, Bishop and Lone Pine; it; first time going this direction and it all looks different! Then topping out at 8500 feet, the rain had turned to a very wet snow and was sticking to the trees. Everything was so pretty, a late winter wonderland to play in before the heat of the summer overtook the country. Heading out of Reno towards Salt Lake City on my way to Denver, the hills have the look of a rolling green carpet. I must be in Ireland! Sorry, I see I’ve skipping from first person to past tense…..I was probably goofing off that day in English class!

A picture of the oil depot at Richmond.

The village is called Sea Crest built by Toll Brothers and just over the hill towards the bay from the picture above. They drive through the oil storage area, over the hill and down into the bay and marina area. Once they’re home they forget all about the oil storage. Until it starts leaking, I guess!!! Still, beautiful to look at.

This is now real time, it’s midnight here on the
east coast and the very end of a 18 hour day. I’m in Myrtle Beach, SC. The water is about a mile away, according to the map. I doubt I’ll see it. I have to pickup a load of paper and in the morning and take it to a Staples in Maryland. Really need some sleep….same time, same bat channel, Robin…..


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