Water, water every where……

May 14, 2010

Running through TN, MS and KY the last week in April, I was lucky enough to experience a natural truck wash. From AR to GA it rained and rained for 9 hours like I was in a car wash, or truck wash! The pictures show a little of the damage but cars, trucks, houses and farms were under water. And allot of it was running pretty fast. I saw lots of trees uprooted and had built dams against the bridges causing even more flooding and damage. It was a mess. Now this week, on the same roads, there are blue skies, white billowy clouds and the fields are starting to show tips of green.

But after every rain will come the sunshine again. What a promise that is.
After the blackness of an Iowa night comes the rays of light that awake us and give the crops a chance to grow. When I’m up early enough, I love the morning sun the best. And yet, the evening sun tells us its time to stop what we’re laboring at, come in and rest, as we get ready to relax for the evening…..to watch ‘American IDOL’!!!!! What a great way to spend the evening after a hard day slaving away at a job we love…..Remember to vote for the talent you can’t live without….

The various trees all have a different shade of green in their leaves with some having white, pink and red blooms. Every shade of green you could think of. And tall, hundreds of feet tall, just swaying in the breeze, glistening in the sun light.

After spending 34 hours resetting my clock at the terminal in Sringfield, OH, I spent the first week in May running from OH to MO, just southwest of St Louis. Then from there to Houston, but was retoured to OKC to drop the trailer and someone else would finish that run. I fortunate part is I was able to see both kids and their families. Then back to Tulsa to pick up beer bottles and take them to Cartersville, just north of Atlanta, GA. The next morning I picked up blank school tests going to Manchester, CT. That’s kinda cool, since I’ve never, ever been to CT and this would be a god time of year to go as the snows probably gone. However, I’ve had an air bag blow out on the steer axle. Volvo service is on their way now. Not sure how long a delay this’ll be……..more later.


2 Responses to “Water, water every where……”

  1. Tommt said

    Good update crazy pictures of water you drove through. Be safe!


  2. Angie said

    Wow – amazing pics of the floods. You missed the Moore / Norman Oklahoma tornadoes! They came pretty close, but missed us, thankfully! It was good to visit with you, even if it was brief!

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