A relection to ride in…..

May 16, 2010

Cruising along at 65mph this shiny, chrome bright tanker passes me. I didn’t think much of it, it happens a lot. A minute later, I passed it as it got shuck behind a slower car. Yet, as it passed me again, out of the corner of my eye I saw myself….maybe you can too.

It was raining, well, OK not quite yet, but the thunder heads were booming in the very near distance, lightening was flashing around me above the trees and something was ready to chance the color and appearance of my shirt. I was walking back to the truck and a guy, about my age, stopped and asked how far I was going, did I need a lift out of the rain. Well, it was just starting to rain, but you couldn’t tell, because it’s a dry rain….it’s normally so wet here in the mountains of western Maryland, I couldn’t tell if it was raining or the dripping from my forehead was from the humidity. I noticed the white jeep as he past me a few minutes before, then saw him double back. No, I said, I only had a little ways to go to my truck; which was parked under some large trees at the shippers yard for the night. He said Ok and continued down the road to a place to turn around. I was really impressed that a stranger would stop and offer me a ride. So, when he came back around, I flagged him down just to shake his hand and again thanked him. He said he saw from the pole I was carrying I was a fellow fisherman and wanted to help out where he could. When he saw the rod was actually the camera pole, he said that was still OK, the camera shouldn’t get wet either. Nice people here in the mountains of Maryland.

Walking from the shipper I found an old road along what I’m sure on a good day is a stream of sorts. Frogs, lilies, and maybe a spider or two live there.
But I doubt any fish, yet one never knows. It was dammed up from the natural falling of old trees, brush and leaves to form a series of pools. A few were completely covered green droppings, almost moss like; but I’m sure from the trees that grew out over the water.

In the distance I could hear the hoar of a V-8 and knew there had to be a short track somewhere close. I kept walking down the dirt path used by hikers and bicycles that had been used at some point by a 4-wheeled something. I knew it wasn’t going to take me to the sound of the engines but I was going to keep at it. Yet as the thunder from above me got louder and closer, I thought it best to turn around; get soaked today was not what I had in mind. The race track would have to wait for another trip. Mixed in with the thunder was the ever-present sound of geese making their way back from wherever they go in the winter. There seem to be a lot of geese that live east of the Mississippi River as the south and east are full of them. But then I’ve seen them in Reno, NV, too….oh, well. The cool thing here was they had baby geese with them. Cute little birds, not at all like the adults but a mixture of taupe, brown and/or a darker shade of brown with a hint of gold thrown in; very furry and low to the ground. An adult seemed to be standing guard over them; I’m sure making them eat all their vegetables…..

It’s getting late, I’m at the end of another 16 hour day. I still want to work on organizing the work I’ve done on finding another company to drive for; see which ones I already have apps and contracts from….till later.


One Response to “A relection to ride in…..”

  1. Tommy said

    Chrissy loves geese! Good write up, thanks for the update! Love, Tommy

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