Owls watching us….

May 17, 2010

On my walk through the woods last weekend in the mountains of Maryland, I came upon the watchful eyes of these creatures. At first I walked right by them. But while scanning the countryside I could feel someone r something watching me. Then I saw these characters…and they were watching me. (Watch their eyes, they move as they look at you, move your eyes and they’ll watch you too!) They sit on a property marker keeping guard. There is probably a place to attach a light of some kind; I’m sure as a front porch light. But it works as a yard marker. Interestingly, there is only one of them. The other side of the property didn’t have one or it’s now guarding someone else’s’ yard!

This is the system that holds up the bridge heading into the Washington DC area headed north on I95. I’ve been over it before and is so ‘modern artsy’. Pretty cool looking.

The military college in PA at Harrisburg (I think) was holding a fair of some kind this last weekend (5-15-10). There were people dressed in 1776 clothes giving tours, along with soldiers dressed from the Civil War, WW1 and 2. I also saw those dressed in desert gear from present day warfare. There were displays, tents, military vehicles and tanks. There are permanent displays with airplanes and helicopters on poles above the ground. And of course our nations flags were flying, from the last 250 years and many from the states and colonies. And lots and lots of people milling around, looking around and enjoying a beautiful spring day in the country side of PA.

Traveling throughout the southeast, there has been someone planting flowers along the highway for me to take pictures of to share with you. In places they leave signs saying who they are and whether the flowers are in honor of someone or a group of people. Sometimes they’re just there for our enjoyment. All different colors, some in patterns with the same colors to form a design, and others all mixed up like a spilled box of pik-up stixs. Either way, it sure is pretty and breaks up the view from the drivers seat.

Again, this is a trailer being off-loaded from a rail car. But this time it’s the trailer I’m taking to Manchester, CT today. It took this ‘lift’ about 5 minutes to attach to the trailer, lift it up, back up, place it down and release the trailer. So, cool! My drive to Manchester was a short 131miles. I figured it would take about 3 hours, depending on traffic through NYC. And we think LA or Phx traffic is bad. Or maybe your little town is too busy at times. Sunday afternoon, headed out through NYC towards CT, it took me 4 1/2 hours to travel 18 miles out of Kearny, NJ, up US1, merge up and over the George Washington Bridge and through the Lincoln Tunnel. It took me almost 8 hours to travel that 131miles. I have to go back through NYC again today on a return trip to Hanover, MD. They have the delivery times set to give me 8hours to travel 325miles. I’ve already told them I can’t make that delivery time…..

Take care, be safe and kiss the ones you love….


One Response to “Owls watching us….”

  1. Tommy said

    Again, great update. I would have gone crazy taking that long to go so little distance. Glad you were sitting in your “lazy boy”. 🙂 be safe and know we are thinking of you. Tommy

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