just another day….

May 21, 2010

I had to go over the GW Bridge again on Monday morning. This time it was at 55mph and went without a stop! Here’s a picture.

….Yesterday, [Tuesday) waited in West Point, VA to load VERY large rolls of paper for over 9 hours. Of course ran out of hours to drive, so spent the night in a very nice rest area down the road. Then drove into Jacksonville, FL today. Tonight I’ll stay in this huge rest area just inside the FL state line with a visitor center having all kinds of info on what a wonderful State FL is and all the things to do. I’ll delivery in the morning to the ports in Jacksonville before picking up a load off one of the ships for Family Dollar. Here’s a questions for ya: I drive to the delivery point before 10am to unload; pick up a live load [meaning I wait for it to be loaded] at 1130am; drive 227 miles; wait to be live un-loaded at 1100pm. Somewhere in there I’m suppose to have a 10 hours break so I can drive legally. If you have the answer, you win! I [nor anyone else] have figured it out but drivers are still told to do this.

Thursday, I awoke to a beautiful day in FL! Warm, a slight breeze blowing and just a touch of clouds to break up the blue sky. I had to start the night with the a/c on to get to sleep then turned it off at some point. I parked in such a way so the parking lot lights were NOT shining in the cab. Pulled the curtains and it was dark….just the way it was meant to be. Sleep soundly. Doesn’t happen very often but I do appreciate it when it does.

So, Cool!!! I’m in the port of Jacksonville, FL. I had to get a TWIX card, allowing me into the port. I’ll have to pay an escort to take me around the port to where I’m going to drop the load of paper rolls. Guess there’re going over seas t come back as boxes around that big flat screen TV you’re going to buy from Wally World! I came in through a camera system with x-ray vision to look inside the trailer. No dogs anywhere but lots of concrete barriers, arrows and gates directing us where to go. There’re cars, rolled steel wire and lots of containers waiting for shipment to somewhere.


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