Like fishing only better….

May 24, 2010

A bad day fishing is better then a good day at work. Or so my dad said more then once. Well, a bad day at a race track is better then just about anything! Car racing that is. And more then one driver had a bad day Saturday night at the local dirt track. The local dirt track was a banked quarter-mile with dirt flying in your face and dust was landing in your eyes. A few kids had goggles’ on, smart parents those Midwesterner’s! And headsets to cut out the noise of roaring V-8s in high gear blasting down the very short straight away before a quick turn to the left and a slide like no Disneyland ride can repeat! People going crazy yelling at ‘their’ drier to hurry up and pass the guy in front of them. Like they’d need the encouragement or can hear it. Different classes of cars from small like ‘claimers’ to high powered fire-breathing ground shaking fiberglass works of art. Others, of course, were budget busters with everything the driver had dumped into the car on the chance he or she was good enough to make the ‘big-time’. A young girl was there racing her heart out to beat the guys in their playground. And she did real good, placed 7 out of 19 in the main event. It was relaxing and heart-stopping at times when the guy in first place didn’t start his slide soon enough and he landed in the catch-fence. But he walked away, waved to the crowd and every one, but him, was ready for the race to continue. They wanted to see the crash but no one get hurt. Until next time….

The sun setting over the flat plains of IL farm county. It has its own beauty to it a peacefulness, quite and warm, that we miss in the towns. Where they’ve called it a village rather then a town. Where everyone knows the other and watches out for the kids on the block. Of, course, they should close their shades more often too!

The rest area in TN had a sign honoring the Indians we treated so badly back in the day. The start of the ‘Trail of Tears’ started right around here, it read. They had built themselves a town, with stores, homes and streets, a law system with court houses and a written language. And still ‘we’ rounded them up, marched them to a land no one wanted to live in and guarded them so they won’t return. The government had to give away land for free before the ‘white-man’ would live there. The land is full of trees, grasses and birds and I’m sure, plenty of wild game was here then for them to live off of. The only killed enough for food, not for game, so they would have food the next season. Beautiful county, I could live in TN.

….only just a snap-dragon getting some sun….

I started this trip in SC, picking up insulation from this factory. They say the smoke from these stacks is safe for those living around and working around it. But I’m not sure. Nonetheless, a big old, factory it is.

Here I am, just cruisin’ down this 2-lane highway in Central IL and in the front field of this farm are these buffalo. The pictures didn’t turn out real good but I slowed down as much as I could considering it was a highway. Their coats were beginning to peel off as they rub up against a fence post or such. They’re just eating away getting ready to be next falls steak and potatoes! These were about the size of a large bull. They had horns and everything!

Till later, enjoy…..


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