Cool under the Arches….

June 17, 2010

I’ll bet most of you didn’t know there’s coal under St. Louis, IL. And points east and south from there. Apparently there’s a lot of it about 80miles east in Mt. Vernon, IL. And north of St. Louis about 40miles in Alton, IL. I had NO idea. I thought most of it came from the coal mines in KY, WVA and the such. I knew there is some in AZ and CO and UT but IL? And oil in IL? Yes, there is or at least there are oil well…..We we’re drilling the gulf.

I’m going backwards for a minute here. I skipped some traveling, actually allot of traveling.It’s now June 16 and I’m in the land of fruits and nuts and it’s smoggy! but more of that next time….I spent Memorial Day in Alton, IL, at a street fair. Pretty neat, with the typical stuff street fairs have…, beer, men chasing women, women looking like they’re not trying to be caught and music. About a block off the Mississippi River. I was waiting to pickup a load of flour and thought I’d enjoy my evening and walk around. I looked real hard for a cigar to buy, but there weren’t any. Plenty of people smoking but not cigars. So, my doctors will be happy, I passed. Ate some red meat and potato chips instead.

The next morning I spied my future home floating down the river. A tug boat. Wouldn’t that make a cool house boat? It wouldn’t have to run, just float. I’d tie it to a dock somewhere anyway. There were several old ones just rusting away on the edge of the river. Wonder what they cost?

I arrived in Denver and went for a walk and came upon this sign in front of a house. Nice of the eagles to stand post.

I headed south towards AZ by way of the Monument Valley. I’ve lived in AZ for over 35 years and never been there. Seen plenty of pictures and now I have a few of my own. It’s crazy how many photos I take when they don’t cost me anything to see. I shot over 100 of the red rock stone spires rising
out of the Valley floor. So pretty; quite and graceful; something from another world. Hope you enjoy a few.

I’m headed to Phoenix now with a load of Coors for the Valley. I’ll get some rest and see some friends and loved ones for a few days. The truck just started to shift very poorly as I headed down out of flagstaff, so I’ll have to get to a shop.

Hope everyone is doing well, enjoy your summer….


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