Vistors from the North….

July 2, 2010

A pretty sunset, somewhere in America….

It’s nice to see we have an open border policy for those flying in from the north. And to see them helping to clean up the spills we create. They are a valuable addition to our work force! And I bet their baby was born here…so maybe their not visitors at all but ….CITIZENS. They are sooooooo cute.

I finally got my truck out of the shop. It was in for about 10 days. I got it out a couple of times, drove it back to the terminal and it stopped working. Back to the shop it went! Hopefully, I’ll get some breakdown pay out of it. But I’m back on the road. As I’m headed out of LA, I presume the sky is a pretty blue with just a whiff of billowing clouds and a lite breeze coming east off the ocean. Other then that it’s a lite grey/brown mix and the over head freeway signs ask us to carpool to reduce the smog levels. Gotta love CA!

I turned the truck towards the bay area, with a load of grease for Chevron in Richmond, CA. I’d think they could make their won grease….but who knows. The late afternoon traffic running through downtown LA is actually much lighter then I thought it would be. Starting at 5pm, I made it to Grapevine in less then 2 hours. I’m still going to run out of hours for the day, which will make me delivery late but that’s OK on this run.

Fortunately I picked up my next load going to Loveland, CO. Grease in 55gal drums going to Sam’s club. And no it wasn’t the same grease…..

I took a state road out of Laramie, WY down into Ft Collins then into Loveland I haven’t taken before. Very nice road, pretty mountain scenes and a few deer and something light brown with little horns and large white spots grazing behind the fence. They must be protected to be so unafraid of the traffic whizzing by. Some very interesting mountain formations, showing the upper movement of the earth at some time. I love the different colors and textures. So vastly different from one another; I wonder why so?

A lot of windmills call WY home. Here are but a few. I was amazed the Rockies still have some a lot of snow.

This bug isn’t as cool as the big ones in Costa Rica but it wasn’t invited for to dinner either! It was already dead when I saw it. Must have blown-in through the window….

I asked these guys if they were from Spain but they said they were from Chile, very south of the border. Spoke no English, but were very friendly and understood I wanted to take pictures. That was OK, with one guy very willing to ‘ham’ it up for me. They were tending to herds of sheep. They had 2 horses that were grazing near-by and saw only 1 saddle. I was thinking they were Basque but the word didn’t mean anything to them. I saw a similarity in their work and how they lived with what I do and how I live. Very simple, making do with what they can carry with them in their ‘home’. I found them very interesting and wish we could have communicated better, I would have visited with them for awhile.

I’m in Loveland, 5100feet and it’s about 89degrees. Pretty hot up here in the thin air, but cooler then Phx!

More to come, stand by….well, you don’t have to actually stand but it’ll come soon….OK pretty soon but maybe be later then sooner…and image my kids had to put with me!


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