What was in that bottle….

July 12, 2010

…what was in that bottle….

NOT that bottle, 5hours energy! I had complained to my brother I was tired all the time. I was so sleepy, I’d have to pull over and nap for 30minutes or so. Lyle suggested I try this little bottle. Well, if you knew my brother, he’s as straight as they come. If it’ll hurt him AT ALL, any chance of it, he won’t touch it. So to have him suggest something, it must work. He really looks into stuff, reads all the small print, checks out the internet, calls the surgeon general and everything! I tried it, just 1oz, as he suggested. And WOW! I had more pick-up in my giddy-up, more sparkle in my eyes,[now that they were open], I was whipping in and out of traffic like Batman! OK, not really like Batman. I’ve been fighting a real bad cold, settled in my throat and I couldn’t even talk and Bob was getting lonely just sitting there staring out the window; he’s usually the quite one! Tuesday, July 6, I stopped 4 times in 100miles to take little naps, just couldn’t stay awake. Then I took this drink and was awake, feeling pretty good the next 150 miles into LA. So, what’s in this little red bottle…..This could become habit-forming.

Another wonderful promise of a perfectly constructed day was seen as I woke up over looking a man-made pond in Ft, Bridger, WY. Some clouds trying to hide the warming sun as it made its way to work. Reaching out its rays of light for all to see and enjoy. Every ray seems the same but very different as it spreads out to all corners for our eyes to see. Just amazing to watch it change in the sky. I find myself wanting to get up in time to take it in but seldom do. Apparently, I’m not in the same time zone! (I couldn’t decide which picture I wanted to use, so I used several. The sun breaking through the storm clouds was an amazing sight.)

What a storm WY put on for me over the holiday weekend. Nature’s fireworks was free for all to see. Lighting with hail! I’ve never see it so thick before; it even made some minor dents on the hood of the truck.

What a few weeks. Finally got my truck out of the shop and headed to central CA. Then to Denver, back to San Fran, back to Denver, now back to SoCal with a load of empty Coors cans for the Labor day drink-a-tong. Stay OFF the highways. Coming out of Las Vegas yesterday, there was a semi accident, east bound into Vegas, just outside Prim, NV(the state line) that had traffic backed up 10miles. What a mess. The good ting was it was after the holiday weekend and was headed to Vegas. Image the mess it would have made of plans if it happened 24 hours earlier in that direction!

It’s cloudy here in LA, a little cool with fog laying over the mountains. But it’ll get hotter and the fog will burn off. Till later, enjoy your summer, stay safe and keep praying for those fighting to protect our freedoms!

It’s Sunday, I’m in Laredo, TX, Spain just won the World Cup, Mark Webber won the F1 race and I just found 6 trucks to choose from. I had 48hours at Mom’s, busy but good to visit with her. It went bye way too fast….had to get some medical and tax things worked out. Plus I started the process for my LLC. I need that in place before I actually buy a truck. There are some things we can not do over the phone or through the internet. But soon I’ll figure out how to do that stuff over the road. Don’t have a name yet for the trucking company but working on it. Should any of you have suggestions, I’m all ears! My time at ‘home’ seems all too rushed, just getting stuff done. One of these days I’ll figure out how to just relax when I’m ‘home’, wherever that happens to be. Maybe next time I’ll have my own truck and the time will be better spent. Till later, enjoy your life and the freedoms someone died to provide.


One Response to “What was in that bottle….”

  1. chrissy said

    Hey Dad, I love all the pictures! You do see some beautiful sights! Love and miss you!

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