the mighty Mississippi…

July 19, 2010

ON the banks of the mighty Mississippi I find myself wondering what ole’ Huck Finn would be thinking if he saw what I see. Besides very dirty water and lots of trash, he’d see large factories, tug boats pushing around huge barges and beautiful homes overlooking the river. As I was walking along the rocky banks I didn’t see anyone fishing, wading nor even many boats on the water. I’d think it’d be a great place to go boating but apparently not. And they must fish in other locations. But the water is cool, wet, and moves along at a pretty good clip. Actually, it is flows pretty fast. And it’s refreshing; I couldn’t help but get in…it looked so inviting. Yet, laying on my back I had to be sure I was hanging onto a rock or I’d be floating down stream like the many logs and stings.

The drive out of El Paso into Laredo was pretty as I’d not been that way before. It saved about 150miles from the other way I’d been. Good to know as I start to buy my own fuel as I travel on my journey. I hit the corner of the Big Ben National Park. It’s got a fairly large lake in it and a very deep canyon.

The next load took me north to just south of Chicago. I was stopped for the night in a K-Mart parking lot and some bird woke me up! It sounded like a little bird so I just tried to wish it away. But when I got up and noticed it was a hawk, I was surprised to see such a ‘small sound’ came from such a large bird. At first it looked like it was hurt, as it was jumping around on the food it was picking at. But then it flew into the tree, so I guess it wasn’t hurt. Friendly it was however. I moved around under him, taking pictures and he didn’t seem to mind. I hope I got his best side! I walked around where he was picking at whatever he was eating but found nothing. He must have picked it clean.

In Stingtown, OK, I took a walk early and found this very friendly animal. He was gone on the return trip, hope he wasn’t for anyone’s lunch…..Pretty sunrise met me as I walked along this dirt road headed to what turned out to be a fairly large lake. You couldn’t see it from the road but the locals knew it was there, I’m sure. And just for me that morning, a Port-A-Potty had been stationed there. A pretty clean one at that; with paper even! And a dumpster for the campers to use.

Cow – Out house – flowers

I’m just north of St Louis, headed t Mobile with a load of flour. This last week I had one of the trucks I’m looking to buy inspected and put through a dyno machine test. Everything looked pretty good. I’ll have another one this week tested the same way.

Hope everyone is doing Ok and the summer is treating them well.


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