…a busy, over-whleming couple of weeks….

July 26, 2010

Like most of you, you have a life to manage outside of your daily grind of a job. For some of you this life takes a lot of time. Mine too, takes time. But I do it from a metal box on wheels. It’s hard arranging to do just about anything other then drive this truck. Even shopping for food is a challenge; finding a parking lot large and empty enough so I can park my ‘truck’ in it.

But these last couple of weeks have been really busy finding a truck to buy, and arranging for dyno testing and the bumper to mud flaps inspections that are necessary. The more information I know about the truck, from the testing and inspections, and the more analysis I can have done on the engine, drive train, and electronics, the better the decision I can make. Knowing what’s going on inside the engine is very important. I’ve had two trucks tested, dyno’d and had oil samples taken. Then after I went over those results I had them inspected, ‘head to toe’. The first truck came through the process with a ‘B+’ with no major concerns. The second truck failed; the turbo was leaking and a bearing was probably ready to fail. However, I wasn’t real impressed with the inspection process on the first truck and so in an effort to gather even more information, I had it inspected a second time. Yet, this time it was with a different mechanic who would use a different method. They also changed the oil filter, keeping the old one to cut open and peel the filter apart to see if there was anything in it except oil. It examined clean; no metal pieces were found. This inspection was done just the way I wanted and the results were much clearer.

a little fuzzy but the earth was moving around and around at 65mph….

I’m taking some ‘home time’ in Madison, WI, renting a car and Monday, July 26 I’ll be driving to North Mankato, MN to see and drive the truck. And should that turn out as I believe it will, I’ll make the deal and I’ll be one step closer to running my own trucking business; which, by the way, is called RoadTraveler, LLC. (this is so cool, there are fire-flies lighting up the bushes next to the truck; amazing at the wonder God places in front of us to enjoy).

I’ll keep everyone posted. But don’t be surprised when I come knocking on your door or call you! That was my plan when I started this adventure!

The storm clouds over my head were so cool as I drove through them. Just a thick layer of dark gray clouds, seemingly laying inches off the earth, swirling around, side to side but not really moving. It was raining all over the place with some lighting thrown in just for fun.

The sailboat was having a hard time tacting up wind. I saw they were using the little motor most of the time to get back to the starboard tact. Maybe the guy should have had a few more lessons! But I’d like to have been there fighting the wind with him, it would have been a blast….


One Response to “…a busy, over-whleming couple of weeks….”

  1. Aaron said

    Congrats on another new chapter in your trucking world. Look forward to hearing more. Drive safe and I luv ya dad.

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