the last chapter…..?

July 31, 2010

A little over two years ago I started an adventure that I hoped would take me around the US, seeing friends I knew, family I didn’t and races in between. I was hoping the trucking industry would be the vehicle to take me there. It turned out the vehicle was allot slower then I thought. However, there is light come from the tunnel and it’s not a train.

I am scheduled for orientation with Mercer Transportation August 9th. If things go as planned I’ll be there. I have quit USX as of Saturday, July 31. After spending most of today writing back and forth on a QualCom, management ‘caved-in’ and approved my dead-head trip to Markham, IL to return the truck per their company policy. They wanted me to take a load somewhere that was better suited to their needs. Yet, I would still have to dead-head somewhere to return the truck. Their policy states I had to return the truck to a Service Center or be charged $500. It states my fleet manager would assist me in choosing the best location to return the equipment. The policy states nothing about being required to take a loaded trailer anywhere. Frankly, a very poorly written policy; not well thought out. . They should have used words like ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘at the judgment of management’, ‘up to and including’. And they should have used the same words for what was to be returned. One sentence states just the truck, another uses the word equipment, while another uses truck and trailer. Fortunately for me, my message on the QualCom states I only have to take back the truck. Nothing is said about hauling a trailer.

I have a one-way moving van (very small) waiting for me in Markham, 1 mile from where I’m to drop off my truck. I’ll stop at U-haul first, empty out my truck into the moving van, then clean up my truck (per policy) and take it to the drop yard. Then I’ll find a cheap motel for the night and drive to North Mankato, MN Sunday morning. Monday morning I’ll pick up my truck and head to Glimer, ND to see my Aunt Ida and Uncle Richard. Then head to Louisville, KY to start the next ‘book’ in the series.

I’ll write more as I get started with Mercer…..


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