it’s a brave new world….

August 19, 2010

After a very nice, yet short visit with my Aunt Ida and Uncle Richard in ND, I arrived at Mercer Transportation August 7, eager to start the program. Orientation went well, lots of questions were answered and explained. The in-house staff has been very helpful and eager to address our concerns. I’ve found the drivers are as nice and helpful as the office staff. My class has 17 drivers, all guys, from every possible corner of the industry. From farmers turned drivers to a couple of gang-banger want-a-bees to a straight lace business type with dress shirt and pants wearing wing-tips! Very interesting to just sit and listen to everyone’s questions and responses to the staffs answers. And for once I wasn’t the lead question asker. Not even close. Two experienced drivers sat together and had a question for almost everything that the instructor spoke about. I’m just eager to get my truck and trailer hooked together and run some freight.

A hitchhiker on the rear of my truck. A very beautiful creature with bright colors moving its wings in the breeze. It stayed like that walking around the metal frame about 10 minutes.

I’ve had a chance to see a couple of car races while here in Louisville. They run a figure-8 inside a 1/2mile oval asphalt track. A figure-8 race is really cool, the cars barely miss each other at over 60mph at the intersection of the 8. It’s actually crazy! That is something I would not be trying. Yet they have a figure-8 race where they use full size school buses.

This is a truck I found in the rest area I was walking around one night. This is probably NOT the way the driver envisioned his day ending! Reminds me to be very careful and stay aware.

It’s been raining here in Louisville and it’s hot, 97degrees and rain! I went for a walk the other morning about 530am and was completely soaked in an hour. It’s wetter here then in Cancun! The terminal is in an older section of Louisville with the downtown section only a short walk away. Some pretty cool buildings are there.

One evening I was walking the rest area and saw this really tall bird. When I went back for a camera it was gone. Yet on my morning walk it was there eating again. This time I had my camera. Any idea what kind of bird it is?

I was getting some stuff from Lowes the other night and saw a crowd waiting to get into Famous Dave’s BBQ. I’ve heard their food is good and they come from all over to eat there. But for a whole family to bring their friends and fly in just to eat there! Must be good eatin’.

Hope you’re enjoying follow me around the country. I’ve enjoyed sharing my adventure with you. Stay tuned there’s more coming. And I might be in your town soon….


2 Responses to “it’s a brave new world….”

  1. Cheryl said

    I LOVE figure 8 races! I used to go to the State Fair here every year to eat a fry bread and watch the race!

  2. Jordan said

    On the road again, can’t wait to be on the road again..

    I’m to see it’s not the last chapter. Hopefully the new gig works out great for you! I’m praying for you!

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