a great first trip…

August 30, 2010

I was driving into such a pretty storm cloud headed headed west into CA on my first trip. When I got to the rain it came down in buckets and there were rivers of water through the truck stop.

My first trip included dropping 2 forklifts in Garden City, KS! Then on to the port of San Pedro (in Southern Cal) with a military forklift going over seas. An easy and fast drop. Then Friday afternoon I got a load headed to Troy, OH, near Cincinnati with 20,000#s of sweaters to be labeled before they go to the store for Christmas ( I presume!).

But the rain left a rainbow to remind us of His promise…

The truck is running pretty well. I had the governor control removed but didn’t know to have them reprogram the ECM so the engine would run smoother. I’m getting poor fuel mileage and the cruise control has to be operated by hand when passing! But a simple change in the ECM will improve all this. I’ll have the charge air cooler tested again to determine whether it’s leaking and what % it maybe leaking. This will cause the mileage to be very poor and should be corrected asap. Also I’ll run into Louisville and have the roof mount a/c installed, the exhaust on the generator reattached and the fuel lines hooked back up. No more having to idle to stay cool or warm!

Garden City KS, showed me a big bright full moon as I waited the night before unloading the forklifts.

I had a good visit with Aaron and Angie for his birthday on Sunday. It’s been awhile since I saw them last and need to get around more often. I’ll run by Tulsa Monday morning and see Chrissy and the girls. I’ve not met Maranda yet and am looking forward to it. She sounds so cute from our talking on the phone and the few pictures I’ve seen. Sue says she’s very sweet.

I thought this picture of the sun coming up in the reflection of my mirror was pretty neat looking. The small light in the center of the outside mirror is the sun coming up and the other lights are truck/car lights.

As I sat in the Louisville terminal, the folks next to me had their little dog on the top of their flatbed as they worked around it. The dog would walk around and watch what they were doing and wag his tail or bark, seemingly in either approval or disapproval. It appeared he was telling them what to do and where and how! Like a little general in charge of the going-ons.

This butterfly was so pretty and it sat on the back of my truck for the longest time waiting for me to get my camera and take it’s picture. Actually, it did stay for a long time, walking around the back cat-walk, almost as if smelling the area. I have no idea if they can smell, but it appeared that’s what he was doing. Pretty colors.

Hope everyone is doing well and ready for the cooler temps. Maybe some snow is in your immediate future! Take care, Doug.


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