This is the front door to the Middlesex, CT Hospital. Such a design mixed in with very, very old homes and buildings. Like the church down the street, from 1788. Sorry about being out of focus; guess my hand wasn’t tooooo steady. But you get the point.

I can’t just drive into a terminal for repairs on the truck or trailer anymore. I’ve got to do them myself or pay for them. Ouch! No real repairs need today but I did a couple of things myself. I installed two battery cables from the generator to the battery box. Had to route them up and over the truck frame, exhaust pipes and drive-line. I encased the cables in black plastic conduct, taped every 6 inches, and quick-tied enough to keep the cables from wearing on any metal corners or hot exhaust. I had a leaking oil sensor on the generator and used plumbers tape to stop it. …..Well, so much for the repair work I did. Apparently, the electric fuel pump on the generator is connected to something that is HOT all the time. It drained my truck batteries and the truck was DEAD Sunday morning. Thankfully, I wasn’t in a big hurry. I finally had a repair truck come out and charged the batteries enough to start the truck. Took almost 2 hours. But he was a nice guy and we swapped stories. What do I owe? I asked….Twenty bucks sound OK to you? I paid it before he changed his mind! PTL.

I hear race cars real close by. Yep, they’re just across the highway. Sounds like fun. But I’ll pass tonight. I’m tired and think I’ll just get something to eat and watch a DVD and get to sleep early. Not many miles to run tomorrow so will be in Middletown, CT in no time.

This is why truckers should use a GPS system designed FOR truckers!

The weather the last couple of nights has been wonderful. Cool, bug free and when I can find a place without a noisy truck, it’s usually a good night sleep. The trees are just beginning to turn color up here in the Northeast. As I get closer to PA and CT tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll see more color in the trees. I’m sooooooo ready for fall and winter to be here. I’m just dog-tired of the heat and humidity everywhere I go.

My load of plastic pipes made from sand to insulate something are coming out of NC went to a power plant being rebuilt south of Handover, CT. It blew up a couple of years ago, killing 6 workers. Big news story up here. Beautiful area, right off the river, with lots of boats. On my walk along the river last night, a red fox crossed about 30ft in front of me. I was looking at the boats across the river and turned back just in time to see him walking into the woods. Pretty coat with a long bushy tail. No, my camera was not in the ‘ready’ mode, or you’d have a picture. But there are some kind of beetle here with a armor shell. I know I’ve seen them before but can’t remember their name or were I saw it. And my picture of him didn’t turn out.

It’s been misting or a very light rain for most of today, 9-27. I went for a walk downtown tonight to buy some pain meds. By the time I started back to the truck it was pretty dark. My walk was on a closed road along the river, cut through the woods. I thought it was going to be real dark but it turned out street lights were on. I guess they couldn’t turn that section of the road off.

This is the harbor in Middletown, CT. Not sure what the river waterway is named. But it sure was pretty.

The colors are just beginning to turn up here. The further north I drove the more trees I saw turning from a bright green to browns, yellows, and reds. They aren’t brilliant yet, but they will soon. One of the workmen told me they usually get snow by third week in Oct!

Hope all is well, take care…..


be careful what you ask for…

September 24, 2010

I love the look of fingers pointing down towards the earth, showing us the way down the road we’re suppose to be on. I’m looking for road blocks.

It’s Sept. 19 and I’m tried. I’ve been up and on the road by 5am the last 5 days! And find myself still driving at past my logged time. As my sister asked me, Are you still able to drive safely after that much time? Ya, I can but I’d rather be parked and eating dinner before then! I wanted to be busier but I have a few things to learn as I manage this part of my adventure.

And I’ve been pushing it. Got to Dallas last Sat., sat three days before picking up a load for Langley AFB in Hampton, VA for a Friday delivery. now I’m waiting in St. Louis, MO with a heavy load of fiberboard to deliver tomorrow morning. This load was so heavy my average speed was 44mph and my fuel mileage is about 4.7mpg. Yet I got 8.86mpg on the load going to Langley. So the averaged is 6.78mph which is a good run. Thank goodness for averages.

I just love sunsets and sunrises…’s another example.

Heading over the bridge going into Hilton Head Island, SC. I saw guys waiting to launch ‘flats’ to go fishing the flats near here. I do wish I could have joined them. It looked they were going to have fun.

Well, that load is finally off the truck and I’m picking up children’s furniture, you know the small stuff that little kids sit on! It’s really cute. And the trailer load is only 9000#s. Going to Beaufort, SC, near Hilton Head, SC.

Well it sure is beautiful here. But then again it’s also hot and sticky. Yet, the kids stuff was an easy run, get it off the trailer and get ready for another load. However, the place won’t unload me till 9am and I’m early. Went to find a NAPA store, need to buy a fuse for the inverter. Not sure why it blew but I used the microwave and had the refrigerator plugged in at the same time. Guess that was enough! I changed headlights and these are much brighter then the older ones. I changed both sides and can see the road more clearly now. I know, that’s probably a good thing.

It’s Thursday and I’m still waiting for a load. I logged a 34hr reset, so I have a new 70 hour clock. Now all I need is a place to go with a load of freight. I can’t move my 5th wheel and that makes it hard to scale over 43500#s. And many of the load require scaling over 44000#. I’ll probably have to have an air system installed so I can move my 5th wheel. [The 5th wheel is the large metal plate with a notch in the back the trailer king pin fits into and locks. An air system will allow this 5th wheel to be slid back and forth in an effort to transfer the weight from the drive wheels on the truck to the wheels on the trailer or the steering wheels in front.]

Just got a load going to Middletown, CT. It gets me out of SC but I’m not sure being above NY in CT will be any better to get freight out of on Monday. We’ll see. This is what I mean by learning this part of the business. Where IS the freight?

A friendly grasshopper on the windshield while I was sitting in the truck stop in ST. Louis, MO.

Hope everyone is well, having the last bit of fun for the summer. I just met a couple in the rest area going to central FL for the winter!
They are moving south for the winter already…


This is a very long bridge over the bay coming out of Langley AFB in VA headed towards Dansville, VA.

Sunset in Dallas about 7:45pm and it was still hot! The heat from the earth is being reflected into the sky and looks to be causing the color change and distort the shape of the sun. I’m not sure if that’s correct but I thought it made for a really cool picture.

NOPE, not today. I’m on the Langley AF Base in Langley, VA and it is beautiful. While I’ve never been in the service, I’m proud to see all the fighter planes on stands honoring our fighting men from wars gone by. [sorry no cameras were allowed by outsiders on base]. Proud that this is home to the 1st Fighter group and the 192nd fighter group. It says a lot about all the men and women that have gone before to protect us, fighting in the air for our freedom. However, it must make many of these here sick to see the ‘shape’ the country is in with regards to preserving the American way of life.

Only my opinion: IF the people I see around me taking physical tests are the current fighting machine we will take to battle, we are in very poor shape! Everyone had better buy a gun, lots of ammo and learn how to use it. I see 1 in 20 being not in any kind of shape to run after bad guys, kneel down behind a wall to shoot a weapon, or even climb into a Jeep. Granted this is the Air Force….not the Army or Marines, but these are a sad group of ‘soldiers’. And many of them I’m told may be office personnel. Yet, as I was told by an officer, this is the ‘shape’ of the new Armed Services. Not the cream of the crop but these are volunteering for service and we’re taking them and they are doing their best to be ready to protect our way of life.

So I thank you for the work you do, that you lay down you’re life everyday and for the lives you’ve sacrificed.

September 14, 2010

Into Reno I drove and dropped off the pipe. So easy, simply pull up, straight back and into the dock; 30 minutes later I’m empty. Head to WalMart for a few things and get a call to head to Oakland, CA for a load of fixture for a coffee bar remodel in Dallas, TX. A 225 mile deadhead is ahead of me, changing the price per mile by 18cents! I want to keep the deadhead down to 125miles but I have to go where the loads are without sitting around waiting too much. A fine balancing act I’ll have to learn to control. I’m sure the coordinator simply wants to get the loads moved while still helping me make money. The local broker just wants it moved, by who ever, regardless of the amount of money they make or lose. But the load paid well enough, so the 225 miles won’t hurt too much and should put me into a better freight lane for another long run.

A blast from the past – Las Vegas at night!

The wind is a big factor in making the trip profitable. A head wind, which is what I had for most of this trip, really empties the fuel tank in a hurry. And being a big rolling box take isn’t built for fuel mileage doesn’t help. Maybe I’ll get a tail-wind n this next trip.

Another photo from the past – the George Washington Bridge in NYC

I have a couple of other photos of Bob’s new ride. He’s really, really excited about having a cooler ride. He liked the Bus but said it was getting old and needed some repairs. We look pretty cool cruising down the highway together, looking out at the world as it goes by. The view from the seat is worth the ride.

Rolling into TX and the weather is still summer for them. Wichita Falls, TX is still in the high 90’s / low 100’s. And a storm is brewing so there’s plenty of water in the air. I think I’ll take a drier climate, thank you.

I’ve run out of hours on this trip. I had to take a 34hr reset in Wichita Falls and had to move my delivery date to Saturday rather then Friday. Fortunately for me that wasn’t a problem with the construction guys. Rolling into Dallas the weather is hot and sticky. But Saturday is cloudy, blocking most of the sun while I finish up some work on the generator. I’m adding insulation around the housing to block some of the noise. Hope it helps.

Because I ran out of hours and had to move the delivery date to the weekend, I missed the load to Tampa Bay, FL on Friday. It didn’t pay much but was a long run and I could see a friend I have there. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Hope everyone is well. I heard the Cardinals won….Oh, maybe next time they’ll lose. Yet probably was an exciting game if you like the Cardinals!

new rides for Bob and I…

September 7, 2010

Check out Bob’s new ride, pretty cool. I’ve had it sitting in the garage since November 2008! But I covered it to keep the dust off. I kept the surfboard from the VW and it’s inside, over the backseat. We never have any passengers anyway, so it’s cool.

I know I say this in almost every post, but, I am amazed everyday at the beautiful country I get to drive through. The last couple of weeks took me from Louisville, KY to San Pedro, CA and back to Ohio. The change in weather, scenery, and surroundings is just wonderful. The weather causes the clouds to take on a life of their own. And the closer I got to CA, the drier it got, making it more comfortable. And familiar, which is also comforting. Yet, I’m ready to get back to somewhere I haven’t been yet or at least not for a long time. The Pacific Northwest or Florida would be nice.

It’s a beautiful morning today, the sun’s just now coming up. It’s a long day when I experience both the sun coming up and then going down! And today I’m doing just that. Hope you enjoy the view.

Today coming out of Salt Lake City towards Reno, I followed storm clouds up and over the mountains while the temperature got much cooler. I actually had to break out the sleeping bag in Evanson, WY the other night, it was a cool 34 in the morning.

I know it’s early, but this move is going to be good one for me. I’ve already driven 9000 miles since Aug. 23, just 14 days! And make a lot more money. God is good! If I’d just remember to stay out of His way.

The picture is not a good shot but it shows what’s left of a semi that took it off-roading. It burnt down to the ground. The tanker trailer was still being cooled by the fire dept on scene as I drove by. You can barely make out what’s left of the engine compartment and dash. The sleeper section and driver compartment have been burnt away and was worn off. I’m sure the driver didn’t make it.

While the pictures didn’t turn out, the wild flowers are still in full bloom. I get to enjoy the flowers and flowering weeds in various states as their growing seasons are different. In the north the weather is turning cooler and the trees are beginning to turn. In the southwest the flowers are still bright and colorful. Pretty neat!

Sorry most of you probably missed the most EXCITING football game I’ve heard in years today between Boise State and Virginia State. It was nail biting good! Boise State won in the last minute and 43 seconds.

Talk with you later…