September 14, 2010

Into Reno I drove and dropped off the pipe. So easy, simply pull up, straight back and into the dock; 30 minutes later I’m empty. Head to WalMart for a few things and get a call to head to Oakland, CA for a load of fixture for a coffee bar remodel in Dallas, TX. A 225 mile deadhead is ahead of me, changing the price per mile by 18cents! I want to keep the deadhead down to 125miles but I have to go where the loads are without sitting around waiting too much. A fine balancing act I’ll have to learn to control. I’m sure the coordinator simply wants to get the loads moved while still helping me make money. The local broker just wants it moved, by who ever, regardless of the amount of money they make or lose. But the load paid well enough, so the 225 miles won’t hurt too much and should put me into a better freight lane for another long run.

A blast from the past – Las Vegas at night!

The wind is a big factor in making the trip profitable. A head wind, which is what I had for most of this trip, really empties the fuel tank in a hurry. And being a big rolling box take isn’t built for fuel mileage doesn’t help. Maybe I’ll get a tail-wind n this next trip.

Another photo from the past – the George Washington Bridge in NYC

I have a couple of other photos of Bob’s new ride. He’s really, really excited about having a cooler ride. He liked the Bus but said it was getting old and needed some repairs. We look pretty cool cruising down the highway together, looking out at the world as it goes by. The view from the seat is worth the ride.

Rolling into TX and the weather is still summer for them. Wichita Falls, TX is still in the high 90’s / low 100’s. And a storm is brewing so there’s plenty of water in the air. I think I’ll take a drier climate, thank you.

I’ve run out of hours on this trip. I had to take a 34hr reset in Wichita Falls and had to move my delivery date to Saturday rather then Friday. Fortunately for me that wasn’t a problem with the construction guys. Rolling into Dallas the weather is hot and sticky. But Saturday is cloudy, blocking most of the sun while I finish up some work on the generator. I’m adding insulation around the housing to block some of the noise. Hope it helps.

Because I ran out of hours and had to move the delivery date to the weekend, I missed the load to Tampa Bay, FL on Friday. It didn’t pay much but was a long run and I could see a friend I have there. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Hope everyone is well. I heard the Cardinals won….Oh, maybe next time they’ll lose. Yet probably was an exciting game if you like the Cardinals!


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  1. Cheryl said

    You forgot to mention the Skins spanked the Cowboys!

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