when texting goes too far….

October 6, 2010

I know many of you text regularly. However, I hope you don’t when you’re driving. In VA yesterday a college student was killed when her car went out of control and she hit a guardrail and flipped her car. It broke her neck. She wasn’t speeding, was in the slow lane and no one else was with her. When the phone was recovered, she had been texting for 30 minutes to 2 friends. She was suppose to get married next year. Also, I saw a guy in the bathroom, going pee and was texting at the same time. I guess he’s a VIP of some sort!

The weather in the east has finally cooled off. 35degrees this morning! I heard Phx was in the low 100’s. It’s been hot for way too long. Come on winter!

I’ve been busy the last few days, waiting to be unloaded right now in Aberdeen, MD, 27000# of Frito-Lay bags. That’s a lot of chips!

This is a picture of one of the trucks that brought in a large platform to the power plant I delivered to in CT last week. It’s pretty cool, the center moves separately from the rest of the truck, like a large fire truck with a driver steering at the rear. However, this is controlled by remote control, on a keypad, by a person walking behind the truck or the driver. And it can fold up into itself, like a real-life Transformer.

This is a close-up of the bark beetle I found walking around on my truck.

I love coming over a ridge and seeing the clouds above the valley with just the highest peaks showing off their top-hats. It seems you could almost walk out on the clouds to the top of the mountains.

A dam I was driving over in MD had the water almost coming over the top. The East has had so much water there’s no place for it to go and they’re having to empty the dams to relieve the pressure from all the collected water. I could see the spray from the rush of water being released.

And of course, the seasons are changing here in the East. Everywhere I go, I see the trees telling the circle of life story.

Its raining here on the border of MA and CT. Had to take a 34hr reset as I ran out of hours getting up here to CT. The Frito-Lay receiver was closed till late afternoon on Sunday and I ended up waiting over 6hrs for them to unload me. This really messed up the rest of my week and I missed two loads that would have taken me out of the east. Oh, well.

I’m doing well, looking forward to getting back to Phx in Nov to get some work done on the truck and see family and friends. Have a great Indian Summer, early fall, Halloween, and T-day with all the trimmings.


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