from the land of lovers…..

October 17, 2010

Hello, from the land of lovers….West Virginia,

This is a sooooo cool sun rise…..amazing clouds, sun rays and con-trails from a couple of jets…..

Man, time just gets away from me most days. I get started writing and it doesn’t take long before it’s a week down the road and I haven’t written a thing. I get distracted from what I’m doing and then don’t seem to get started again. I sat 5 days in Mineralmills, WV, a little town about 40 miles south of Ohio and never wrote a thing. But it was pretty, the seasons are changing the leaves and the temperature was cool. It was nice.

These horses were right against the fence as I drove up to the truck shop. They were gone the next morning. Pretty horses….my grandkids should like them….

I finally got a load out of here taking small tractor tires to MN. A good load, good miles but the dead head miles were to long. But I got into a better freight lane. As soon as I dropped it, I picked up another load right away. This time picking up BBQ’s, snowmobiles, and small engine parts. Headed to a Northern Tools dist center in Ft. Mills, SC. Good miles, little dead head miles and it paid a decent rate.

I went for a walk and came across these footprints from something wild in the woods. I know some of them are deer prints, but not sure what else is here. Hope nothing man-eatin!

The season has really turned here in the north-country, the leaves have fallen off the trees already. And their talking about snow already! The drive up through OH was so pretty. I just love the change of seasons. A fresh awaking of my spirit, things just look clearer to me this time of year. And to think it’s still 90degrees in Phx. I sure hope it has cooled off by the time I get there in a few weeks. I’ve got a pretty long list of things to get done and it’ll be easier if the weather is cooler.

This was so neat, to see a caterpillar trying to cross the highway. I moved it around, heading it back towards the woods but he kept turning himself around towards the road. He seemed to be smelling something allow the way that was guiding him. I left him wrapped around a stick, curled in a ball, as if in a self protection mode. If he makes it to wherever he’s going, he’ll be a butterfly, flying around above the highway.

I’ve been sitting a lot lately and I think the reason falls on my young coordinator, who is lacking the experience to really do the job for me. I had some sharp words with him the other day about getting home by Nov. His answer wasn’t very supportive. The next day he got smart with me about some information I needed that I think he should have had ready for me. He told me to call the shipper for it. Wasn’t the right answer. I’m changing coordinators next week…about time I think.

Here are a few pictures of where I‘ve been, and what I’ve seen the last few weeks. Beautiful colors. Hope you enjoy them.


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