the journey always leads home….

October 25, 2010

The flowers along the side of the road are a welcome break for my eyes as I travel through NC. Someone actually plants these every year. Thanks to the garden clubs for making a small improvement to the journey.

The trip into Salt Lake City and then to Phx was going to be quick. I picked up a load of electric fork lifts in Greenville, NC. and headed west. I’ve been around the south and north east for a few months, without getting west of the Mississippi. I sound like a broken record but I have a run or two that keeps me busy then I sit. It was a puzzle to me until recently. But I’ll complain about that later.

Made good time into SLC, emptied early Friday afternoon. I was working on setting up a load into Farmington, NM. on my way home. It paid well but there wouldn’t be anything out of there to anywhere. However, something paying was better then nothing. It’s all about getting paid to turn the wheels. So, I agreed to run it to NM and then dead head home from there. Fortunately, the load to SLC paid well enough to cover my costs home. Friday morning I was getting the load info off the Mercer website and realized the load stated a flat bed and traps would be required. While some flatbed loads will fit into a van, I called my coordinator to question the load info. They didn’t know for sure and called the agent in SLC that acquired the load. I was out of luck, the load did require a flat bed and I was off the load. So, no sense waiting till Monday or Tuesday for something else. I told them I was dead heading to Phx and would call later next week.

It’s raining as I leave SLC heading west, before turning south towards Flagstaff. I thought the mixture of a setting sun against the storm clouds made for interesting viewing.

The red sand-stone rocks of Bryce Canyon are beautiful. And with small waterfalls flowing off the rocks, it’s even prettier. The sun is just now coming up, with a warm orange glow peeking through the rain clouds. And the trees in the canyon are turning fiery colors as they settle in for the winter.

There are some stone dwellings and cravings of some kind on the road heading to Bryce Canyon. This area is fenced off now yet appears to have been open to the public at some time. This ‘totem-pole’ had no signage explaining what it was or who or when it was done. But it was cool looking.

Totem-pole 14

This lake next door to the totem-pole probably had something to do with each other. The water reflecting the rock formation below the water line was perfectly still in the very early morning light. The trees are turning in for the winter.

Lake Trees 19 20 24

I’ll be home before you know it….


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