a hike up the canyon…

October 27, 2010

Kanab, UT, just down the road from Bryce Canyon, is beautiful with a mixture of ranches, farms, schools and churches, homes old and new with grass yards and white picket fences. High above the picture perfect town are wind-whipped sage brush and bending trees growing into the red rock cliffs.

The trail signage stated the trail was only a mile and a half long up and around the top of the ridge. So, I started up the red sandy trail following the pair of hiking boots ahead of me. Fortunately, it rained a few days before and the trail was easy to follow, as long as I followed the boot prints. Up and over the boulders, through the wet sand and around the trees I went.

The shape of the cliffs, the way rocks have broken away, tumbling down the side of the canyon is amazing. It’s just beautiful. Through the years, rocks have been piling up, causing tons of pressure to bring together the colors of various minerals now showing bright in the sun. Some of the rocks show rings of difference colors. The sharp edges are mixed with the round smooth corners worn away from years of forceful water running over them. The softer areas of the sandstone wear away faster leaving strange figure like indentations in the surface. The dirt is more like fine red beach sand. This fine sand shows the evidence of deer tracks, as it’s deer season and they’re on the run. I follow a set of very, very fresh tracks awhile but become concerned I’m going to get lost.

My hike is a good time to get away from what’s going on around me. Soon, I’ll be back in the real world of trucking and all that has for me.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


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