Oh, that’s my truck….

October 28, 2010

I was driving down the road really well. It was real early, 430am, headed to Phx. I dropped my load in SLC, around noon on Friday and headed home. I needed to get at least 180 miles down the road or wouldn‘t get home by late afternoon on Saturday. It was raining, with a full moon trying to break through the rain clouds and lighting’. I turned south headed towards Bryce and Zion. As the sun came up the rain stopped and the truck started to run poorly. Low power, high smell of burnt diesel and the truck was running rough. I stopped several times and popped the hood, trying to figure out why it was running so rough. I never imaged it was something internal in the engine.

Knowing I couldn’t make it to Flagstaff for whatever repairs it needed, I finally stopped in Page, AZ to find help. I logged onto a clearing house website of repair, towing shops. I found a repair shop in Kanab, UT, about 75miles behind me. They towed me back to their shop and set me up in a rental house they had. Monday morning they started tearing it apart to determine what happened.

Tuesday afternoon, I think, they’re figured it out and it’s not pretty. I’m not sure how but it appears a valve got stuck and damaged the valve port in the head. A few other parts are damaged and will need to be repaired or replaced. Hopefully, all the repairs will be completed by Thursday afternoon and I’ll be home late Friday afternoon.

The pictures only tell part of the story. The shock of seeing it tore down when I walked in and saw it was indescribable. All I saw were $$$$$ signs. I guess I’ll just have to make more…..

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2 Responses to “Oh, that’s my truck….”

  1. onie henry said

    Ur rite u can make more! Pretty blue truck nice red engine whci will take a bunch of green 2 fix!

  2. Tommy said

    That is horrible news. I am so sorry that has happened. I hope you are all put back together and have made it to Phx. I pray that the bill was not HUGE!

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