there is day light again….

November 30, 2010

Bob’s doing fine, thanks for asking. He’s just along for the ride, watching where we’re going, always looking for surf! Those are grapes in the background, I’m not sure why they’re covered up, but people were picking them.

After my extended vacation, I’m hoping I’ll be moving more often. The guy in Chicago that had the load from Sacramento to NC, the one I hoped would be able to get me a load out of there, well, it didn’t work out that way. However, I looked over the load board on the net and there where over 65 loads going west within 100 miles. Not sure how much any of them paid but there was freight available.

This is a BEE. He/she has attached themselves to my CB antenna. Just as I was starting to move, he/she showed up, buzzing around my open window and review mirror. I tried to brush him/her away but instead they grabbed hold of the antenna. They were EATING something. I stopped and watched a minute. And sure-enough, they were EATING something, because whatever they were eating was getting smaller. I started to go again, thinking they’d fly away but they kept holding on. At about 63mph they fell off. Over the noise of the truck I couldn’t hear what they yelled but I’m sure it would have been un-printable!

When I got empty on Tuesday morning, I called and talked with Scott my coordinator and told him about the available loads on the load board. He told me to be patient that he would find me something from our customers in the area. That Mercer was not going to buy loads from the load boards when there were customers loads near-by and if I didn’t learn to be patient, I wouldn’t make it here at Mercer. I was offered and accepted the only load available, 366miles away going to Las Vegas but it didn’t pick up till Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving. I was going to sit on Thanksgiving.

However, being the type of guy I am, I headed to the shipper and talked them into loading me on Wednesday. Granted it was very late on Wednesday…they didn’t finish loading until very early on Thursday morning. But I was rolling on Thanksgiving Day, which was my goal.

I got to OKC early on Black Friday and called Aaron and Angie. They were headed to a Christmas Tree lightshow in downtown OKC with her sister and family and maybe we could get together next time. But Angie suggested Aaron get together with me while she went with her sister to the light show. And we had a very good time. Went to dinner and I had baby back ribs, a lot of them! And they were very good. I was going to have something healthier like pasta but Aaron asked when the last time I really ate something I wanted? I ate the ribs. Then we went to his place and ate cool whip topped with pumpkin pie. Sooooooooooo good. Thanks, Aaron for a good night.

The weather was real nice coming out of the South, then got cold the further West I drove. OKC was about 35, with TX and NM being in the high teens, low 20’s. I finally got some snow in Grants, NM, with patches of it all the way to Williams, AZ. Kingman was 31, with Vegas 45 and blowing a gale!

A pretty sunrise. It seems I’m starting all of my days before the sun comes up and ending them before the moon follows suit. But this morning, the rays of sun light were extra special and clean. The way the shadows were cast from the trees against the rain clouds made for an interesting shot. But then maybe, you had to be there.

These are the snow clouds I’m driving towards on Sunday. I thought it was so cool to divide the sky as it did. Half of my view was dark with snow clouds, the other with a blue sky and puffy clouds. I was heading West out of NM where it’s a cold 24, very, very windy. To the north in Reno there was heavy snow and temp is about 10.

Hope everyone had a great Turkey day with lots of left-overs to enjoy.


running on empty…..

November 21, 2010

That only applies to my wallet after the repair bill. But the truck is running smoother and getting fuel mileage. All good things. I picked up a load in Vegas on Wednesday morning taking it to Reno over night. I then drove to Sacramento, CA to pick up your Blue Diamond Almonds for your holiday enjoyment. However, I’m taking them to Tarboro, NC rather than your house! A good long trip, emptying out on Tuesday morning. Hopefully, they’ll have a pre-plan for me to get me out of there, heading west, rather than siting the long weekend. Only time will tell.
The pick-up location for the nuts was in Modesto, CA, about 100 south of Sacramento for Tuesday afternoon. As usual I called the shipper to confirm the address and get directions. However, the shipment was in Sacramento, not Modesto. As I headed there, the broker who assigned the load called me to confirm my ETA. I asked for the correct address and he did, with the Modesto as the city. I asked him to double check. He did and said it was in Sacramento not Modesto. I asked him who I send the bill to for the 200 miles I dove to the wrong address. He called me back and said he’d have to find some way to make it right with me. I suggested he simply tell me he screwed up and he was sorry, I’d leave it at that. He was more than happy and very appreciative to do that. I told him I was already at the shipper, having called for directions, finding out the nuts were not in Modesto. Well, I called him back Friday and asked a favor of him. I’d like him to find me a load headed west on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so I wouldn’t sit over the weekend. I’m hoping I’ve found an ally that will work with me to keep me rolling.

The picture of clouds was really neat. There is a red, orange and pink color band on the right hand edge of the clouds. A rainbow of some-sort. The two long white lines are actually airplane contrails. I loved the way they intersect the clouds.

The little man in the funny white suit is checking a load of bees on the flatbed….

This is a picture of the hotel I stayed at in Kanab….it’s important only because they had the parking lot resealed and kept all the cars off of it so it would dry. However, the leaves from the trees dropped on the blacktop and dried to the tar. The owner was using a leaf blower trying to blow them off, without success.
Hope everyone has a warm and family filled Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for the freedoms we have and the great count we live in, for tomorrow they may be gone.

back to Kanab….

November 8, 2010

No, my truck isn’t ready yet, but I’m headed back early anyway. I’m hoping my presence will encourage the shop to get it completed. I had a good time in Phx, enjoyed those I saw. I saw a couple of Doctors and gained some needed information.
Here are a few pictures of Kanab. A nice place to visit….

on the road again…

November 5, 2010

On the road again…..

Oh, how I wish I was. But the news today about my truck is it will be Monday or Tuesday before it will be ready. The shop is pretty positive the warranty company will take care of most of it. I can only pray they will.

But the time with family is a good break from the sameness of my routine on the truck. And I, high 80’s during the day and down to about 60 at night, it’s just about perfect.

Mom and I went to visit Dad’s ashes. It looks like they’re still there. And there’s a real nice plaque there. It fits well and says just what I think Dad would want to say.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.