running on empty…..

November 21, 2010

That only applies to my wallet after the repair bill. But the truck is running smoother and getting fuel mileage. All good things. I picked up a load in Vegas on Wednesday morning taking it to Reno over night. I then drove to Sacramento, CA to pick up your Blue Diamond Almonds for your holiday enjoyment. However, I’m taking them to Tarboro, NC rather than your house! A good long trip, emptying out on Tuesday morning. Hopefully, they’ll have a pre-plan for me to get me out of there, heading west, rather than siting the long weekend. Only time will tell.
The pick-up location for the nuts was in Modesto, CA, about 100 south of Sacramento for Tuesday afternoon. As usual I called the shipper to confirm the address and get directions. However, the shipment was in Sacramento, not Modesto. As I headed there, the broker who assigned the load called me to confirm my ETA. I asked for the correct address and he did, with the Modesto as the city. I asked him to double check. He did and said it was in Sacramento not Modesto. I asked him who I send the bill to for the 200 miles I dove to the wrong address. He called me back and said he’d have to find some way to make it right with me. I suggested he simply tell me he screwed up and he was sorry, I’d leave it at that. He was more than happy and very appreciative to do that. I told him I was already at the shipper, having called for directions, finding out the nuts were not in Modesto. Well, I called him back Friday and asked a favor of him. I’d like him to find me a load headed west on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, so I wouldn’t sit over the weekend. I’m hoping I’ve found an ally that will work with me to keep me rolling.

The picture of clouds was really neat. There is a red, orange and pink color band on the right hand edge of the clouds. A rainbow of some-sort. The two long white lines are actually airplane contrails. I loved the way they intersect the clouds.

The little man in the funny white suit is checking a load of bees on the flatbed….

This is a picture of the hotel I stayed at in Kanab….it’s important only because they had the parking lot resealed and kept all the cars off of it so it would dry. However, the leaves from the trees dropped on the blacktop and dried to the tar. The owner was using a leaf blower trying to blow them off, without success.
Hope everyone has a warm and family filled Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for the freedoms we have and the great count we live in, for tomorrow they may be gone.


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