take a trip on Route 66…

December 6, 2010

Heading out of Camarillo, CA with 4550 pairs of China made shoes headed for KY. Stopped in at Mom’s for awhile. We had a nice breakfast and short visit before I had to get rolling again. Stopped in Tulsa to see Tommy and Chrissy and the girls. Had a nice lunch at a pizza place the girls could play at. Then off again following the modern route 66 towards St. Louis, MO. Haven’t been sleeping well and was really tired. So I was glad when I found this hotel on old route 66 and stopped for the night.

In the morning, the diner was open and through the window I could see people were gathering already. The windows were clean, meaning it was a good place to eat, so I walked over to fill my belly. Doug, the owner greeted me with a hot cup of coco. Man, it freezing out there, I replied to his smile. ‘Wait till winter actually shows up, then you’ll see the wind really blow and it gets colder then witches…well you know what I mean,’ he answered in mid-sentence as he walked to another customer’s table. While I was having breakfast, I had the truck fueled up and checked over.

The attendant found an oil leak and suggested I take it over to Pete’s to check it out. Asking where Pete’s was as I wasn’t from here, he just pointed down the street, saying, ‘the town’s just not that big anymore, it’s real close by.’ Pete was just opening up and found I was missing an oil cap; he just happen to have an old one he gave me. Thanks, Pete I yelled as I pulled away.

Floyd’s was stilled closed as I was leaving and I didn’t need a hair cut anyway. But I bet the chairs are just as comfortable as the ones I remember from long ago. You may remember, with the big pillow backs, and arm rests, the strap to sharpen the razor hanging from the side of the chair and the metal foot rest the barber adjusted to your size. Now-a-days, I almost fall out of the chair at the ‘salon’.

And all this was at a rest area just south of Lebanon, MO on Interstate 44. Pretty cool way of remembering a great highway of long ago that’s missing many of her parts.

I found this in the front yard of a house in Mom’s community. They had several other large characters in the front yard. Since it was daylight, I can only presume there are lights to go along with the rather large fellows.

It’s cold here in KY. About 19, cloudy, and it feels like snow. Snow is forecasted by those who never go outside!


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