snow, snow, go away, come back another day….

January 14, 2011

Or not… I must admit I’m tried of having to fight the ice and snow this season. And to think it’s barely started. In Omaha on Monday, I got stuck on the ice three times in 3 hours in three different places. I un-stuck myself once but had to get pulled out the other two times. Not fun. I long for my shorts and Hawaiian shirts.

Ok, where to start this trip. I’ve done several trips to and from the frozen North. The last one was out of the Twin Cities, MN on New Years weekend going to SoCal again. It was good to get back into shorts and a t-shirt again. Or better yet, out of jeans, flannel shirt and jacket and socks and boots. Then within an hour of emptying out, I had a load right back to the cold again, to Omaha, the land of Warren Buffet. Nice to be rolling without the waiting.

I took a 34hr reset in Omaha before emptying out on Monday, 1-10-11. I took another 34hr reset the weekend before in Moriarty, NM because I ran out of hours. But in Omaha that’s just the way the trip fell. It’s better to plan a reset and have a fresh set of hours, then to be forced to take one. The weather was actually pretty nice, cold but bearable. I did some very minor PM work on the truck and cleaned the inside real good. The snow left so much dirt and grime, it just had to get cleaned up. I have some real pretty photos of the sunrise over the mountains of NM; see top photo.

GT 40 – The cool thing about LA is you can usually see the best cars in the world there, just rolling down the road. This day I saw what I’m sure was a fake GT40 Ford. I say it was probably a fake isn’t really true. It could have been one of the 4000 built a few years ago [2004]. They would cost you 100k and up. One from the true GT40 years, ‘64-‘69, could run you half million dollars. And most normal thinking people wouldn’t be driving that on the road. Still a beautiful car to look at. And I’m sure a blast to drive in anger.

I dropped the load in Omaha, and picked up 41000#s of canned SPAM. Everyone’s favorite. Actually, mom has a dish we ate as kids that was pretty good. Potatoes in a Dutch type pan, add layers of SPAM, potatoes, SPAM, potatoes, onions, topped with eggs, salt and pepper and enjoy. The best part was the hard crusty stuff on the bottom. Then off to the EAST coast, Atlanta actually, to Hormel. Snowy and slow going the first half day. But made it to Atlanta a day early and emptied out.

I did spend a few hours in traffic as a truck jack-knifed and it took them hours to unload the cargo onto other trucks. They routed us off the highway, through a small town over very narrow country roads before getting us back on the interstate. What not to do with a very large truck.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the holidays. Now back to the same-ol’-routine of our lives, how ever boring they may be. I do hope the new year brings you renewed energy to make the changes you need/want to make.

The mountain mesa in NM was so pretty with snow on it. I thought I’d share, hope you enjoy.


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