high winds ahead……

January 19, 2011

It’s Sunday, 1-16-11 and I’m stopped under an overpass for protection. I have a light load [15000#s] and my trailer was sliding from side to side behind me. Not tracking right behind me is a bad thing, I’m told. And didn’t want to experience laying on my side today. Better to park and wait then pick up 731,000 ice cream containers.

Been busy the last few days. Did a 34 in Omaha before emptying out Monday, 1/10. Then picked up a load going to Atlanta and headed out on Tuesday. Emptied out in Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon and had a load going back to Omaha Thursday noon. Picked it up and emptied out in Omaha early Saturday, 1/15. Picked up a loaded trailer and headed to Boise, ID. By the time I get to Boise I’ll have almost 12000miles since I started with MCT. And still have 3 days left in the month. So I’m getting the miles. I just have to be more patient after I empty out. My expectation is to have a load waiting for me. And they seldom are. But then when they passed out patience, I thought they said who wanted to be a patient and I didn’t!!

The weather is real nice right now, very, very windy, temp at 35 and partly sunny sky with light cloud cover. I’m stopped between Laramie and Rawlings, WY. A stretch of about 60 miles. I called 511 for a highway condition report and the wind advisory is still in effect.

Aaron, good to see your Steelers won last night. One step closer to the showdown in Dallas.

The wind is really high now. A truck and trailer were flipped over while waiting / sitting on the on-ramp. I under a overpass, pretty well blocked by the bridge and ground supporting the overpass. The road under the highway isn’t very wide, a good thing when you’re hiding from the wind. There are storm clouds south and west of me. The 511 advisory report call for snow tonight but a lowering of the wind. I’m going to sit out the night and take off in morning if/when it’s safe and light. It’s only ice cream containers!

Hey, I just noticed the trailer in my photo at the top of my blog is a MCT trailer. That’s the sister company to WSE [the first company I drove for] and the current company I’m driving for. So weird! Life is coming full circle as they say.

WOW Monday morning seems worst then Sunday. It’s been howling all night. Even with the landing gear down to stable the truck and trailer a little, I’ve been swaying back and forth most of the night. The road traffic got real quiet for awhile last night, they may have closed I80 for some time. I know there are a lot more trucks stopped here now then there were last night. And it’s wet, so it maybe trying to snow. But it’s it’s only abut w39 outside, not cold enough to snow yet. Hopefully, the wind will die down enough to get out of here before it starts.

Hard to make out but this is a bust of Lincoln in WY. There’s a visitor center to go along with it. Apparently, Lincoln went to WY and did something special.

Snowy mountains in WY.


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