February 2, 2011

In Kansas the road can seem endless…..but is actually headed to Salina on Interstate 70.

That’s what he called the guy who was looking after his grandchild in AL. His ‘pa-in-law’ and I couldn’t help but laugh. As down home as anyone I’ve met out here on the road. He talked about 30 minutes from inside his truck before I said I was going inside to have some chicken tenders. He thought that was a good choice and we walked in together, continuing the conversation. We talked some more after we ordered before I took my food back to the truck to eat and watched a DVD I’d seen many times before. Part of the benefit to not remembering things is being able to watch movies over and over again and still enjoy them. OK, not really but the cable connection broke when I ran out of cable and the DISH is on back order and ….I don’t even have a TV anymore!

Man, where does the time go! I was just headed to Omaha with a load of carpet and now headed to CA with a load of chemicals from 3M. Somewhere in there I took smoked hot dogs to a Oscar Mayer warehouse. And today I emptied out the chemicals and now I’m waiting for a repair on the truck. All the wires going to the starter that was installed a week ago in Atlanta were not attached properly so I’m waiting in CA for those to be correctly repaired. But I missed an opening they had for today [Tuesday] so have to wait till the morning. The company that did the repair in Atlanta is going to cover the repair here.

The weather is GREAT. About 60, sun is shining, a light breeze, not many clouds. A perfect CofC day. THIS is why so many want to live here. I just wish they would speak English.

This morning driving over from AZ, I saw the largest, brightest and longest tail falling star I’ve ever seen. I saw it almost hit the earth…somewhere. I mean it just kept falling, its long tail brilliant bright seeming to be trying to catch up with the head.

Yet, I wait, right off the freeway in Colton, hearing nothing but the roar of engines and tires humming on the concrete. It’ll make for a rough nights sleep. Better then listening to a Peterbilt CAT run all night, but not by much.

I had a trailer washed out in Walcott, IA last week and they had a Dog-O-Mat where drivers could wash their pets while getting their trucks washed. Cute idea. I thought all you dog lovers would enjoy that picture.


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