where was that snowplow?

February 15, 2011

IN the great state of MN, and probably other states that have lots of snow piled up on the side of the highways, they use a device that chops up large mounds of snow and sprays it out a tube like that found on a combine. On the highways I’ve seen a tractor or truck with this device driving on the safety edge of the highway while it ‘eat up’ large amounts of snow on the median and blow it up, over and across the highway to the other side of the highway. While driving in MN last week I had the pleasure of coming upon this operation for myself. It was driving in the right hand side of the highway, chopping up the snow and blowing it away from the highway. However, when the winds is blowing in the ‘correct’ direction, the little bits of snow are blown BACK against the highway. Regardless which direction one is driving, they are forced to drive through this ‘snow shower’.

Seeing the snow plow ahead of me, I slowed down and tried to change lanes. However, the large SUV in the hammer lane wasn’t helping. When I slowed down so did he, I sped up and so did he. So, I squeezed him over as much as I could, driving half in both lanes. It was pretty cool, the snow actually made a rainbow in sub-freezing temps. BUT then as I pasted the snow plow I catch a glance of something large, dark and very possibly made of metal. I didn’t miss whatever it was by more than inches. OMG, I just barely missed killing myself and probably the driver too!!! I was shaking and thanking God so much, I never did look back to see what I barely missed. I was just thanking God I did. It was THAT close, I could have peeled some paint on my mirrors.

[sorry the photos are really grainy. I’m not sure why, but Bob and I are working on it]

About 30 minutes later I had a highway patrol pull me over and asked where I was coming from? Which highway I had taken and if I had passed a snowplow? When he said that I stopped in my tracks and said I’d almost hit that guy. I was over as far as I could and there was an SUV following me. He confirmed I was the guy he was looking for. The snowplow driver had called his boss about a semi getting toooooo close. They called the state troopers. We talked about the close call I had. He told me to be sure next time I got over a complete lane. I told him I would for sure. He implied he thought the snowplow drivers should not be driving half in the slow lane. That it was way too dangerous. He couldn’t come out and say it, but said it in so many words. I didn’t get a ticket nor did he make me go back to the scale house. I just know time I’m moving over…..

This was a cute little town in TX with snow piled up in the middle of main street. I had been in this town 7 days before and the streets were dry and free of snow….

This house was probably a gift to a woman. The man loved her so much he had the house wrapped up for her. Of course, if he REALLY loved her he would have placed it under a Christmas tree!

There was a lot of snow piled up in western MN. A good state to be selling snow blowers.

These three planes were found in front of a small airport in western MN. I didn’t see any other planes on the runway. I was just cool looking.

This is the easiest kind of road to be on, there’s no confusion on which way I’m supposed to be going. The road just goes on forever. The road getting narrower the further out it goes.

A few weeks ago in SoCal, the wind was so bad it blew over 4 trucks with trailers before 9am. I passed 2 of them at 3pm, were they were still laying on their sides.


One Response to “where was that snowplow?”

  1. Aaron said

    Wow! Sounds like you got lucky! So glad it worked out the way it did.
    I wonder if those trucks that are still on their sides have been ticked?
    Drive safe.

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