finally, spring is here…..

February 24, 2011

Time just flies by, before I know it I don’t have a clue where I was last time I wrote. Of course, if I wrote more often I probably wouldn’t have that problem. …..I’ll work on that….

Out of Ontario last week, I went to Visalia, CA to pick up non-fat dry milk. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go back to the FROZEN north! This time to Germantown, WI, just north of Chicago and south of Green Bay. The weather was suppose to be in the low 50’s by the time I’d got there. But again the weatherperson was incorrect. It snowed and was cold. But the roads were pretty clear without any signs of ice. A very good thing!

Leaving SoCal, I enjoyed watching the sun come up between two small hills, under a dark cloud, and through the smoggy haze and morning clouds.

The sky was a bright glow of orange, red and yellow. It was beautiful, yet like most things in life, you had to be there! Sorry you missed it.

These were National Guard planes in Visilia, CA. Just thought they were neat looking.

The snow storm in WI was actually pretty. I was really afraid I’d get snowed in, they were calling for 6-8”. With the wind blowing the snow around it looks worst then it really was, only 2-4” fell. But it was neat sitting in my living room looking out at the storm gather strength throughout the day. The trucks covered with snow shows the winds really blowing a gale. A simple walk to the c-store was a challenge in itself. As my trainer explained to me, it was best to clear the snow from under the tires at least once a day. And then I drove back and fought to flatten down any ridges so when I left in the morning there wouldn’t be any ‘hills’.

Through the snow blowing around me, I walked to Micky D’s for something to eat and saw this cool ‘art’ design on the wheel nuts of my front tires. The way the snow forms as it falls and then sticks there, growing in size all day. The wind was blowing around the truck from the front, thus the angle of the ‘growth’ is from that direction. Pretty cool!

Because I wrongly thought I would be able to change the delivery date of this load I had to sit the weekend, in the snow storm. I’ll be careful NOT to repeat that mistake. I simply wasn’t able to get it there on their time table. 2200 miles in 3 days is pretty hard to do, legally or safely. But that was my fault, not theirs. I should have spoken up before I accepted the load, about changing the delivery date and then decided whether I wanted the load. Or not accepted the load at all. When I was empty on Monday, I was offered a load going to Bristol, PA, which I turned down. I don’t like the northeast. 10 minutes later I had an offer to take some Oscar Meyer lunch meats to Atlanta, GA. That is nice, gets me headed SOUTH somewhere hopefully away from the freezer.

And it did, finally. The further I drove the less snow I saw. The temps were still cold but the roads are clear, without that white film that stays on the everything. Oh, that’s the chemicals they spray on the roads to keep the snow from freezing. Pretty cool stuff, it works great. BUT is a pain to keep off the glass. It forms a white haze, film that is really hard to wash off. The special windshield washer stuff we use as a chemical in it was stops it from freezing down to -20. But that leaves a white haze also. I feel a lot better mentally when I can drive with nice, clear windows.

And the green green fields of KY are a sight for sore eyes. I’m sure it’s winter wheat coming up. But I don’t care, it’s green and living. Not brown and dead [or sleeping]. And the cows and horses are out in the fields again. The closer I get to Atlanta the greener and more alive the country side is getting. The lakes, rivers and ponds are flowing again. The ice is melting. The earth is waking up.

Me too!


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  1. Tommy said

    Great write up! Lovin the updates!

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