it seems like it’s been forever….

March 15, 2011

another beautiful sunrise over IA.

WOW, it’s been over 3 weeks since I last updated by travels! I really don’t mean for it to be so long between posts yet I know it is. But I hope you’ll bear with me as I’m not as good at updating it as I once was. I guess it’s because I don’t see it as exciting anymore. Oh, I don’t mean for me but for you. I still love seeing the sun come up in the eastern sky, changing the darkness with a crayon set of colors as it crests the mountains. Or the rainbow that kisses the earth at both ends as it glows from behind the sun as it intersects the rain filled clouds. Driving through the canyon walls of MO and counting the various shades of stone that make up the ground rolling under my tires. I wonder what it was like before white man walked the same paths. That is still very much alive for me. As strange as it may sound, I’m still taken by the wonder and beauty all around me. Even though I see it every day, all day. It is the same ol’ thing, just a different day and place. But it’s still a wonder to me.

Picking through rubble in Greenburg, KS, the town that was 95% destroyed in 2007 by the F5 tornado. I wasn’t sure what they were looking for but two groups of kids were using racks, shovels and wheel barrels. They have rebuilt most of the town, going ‘green’ on all building permits. This was the first town in the country to require ‘green’ construction.

Main Street looks like so many others in rural America. Inviting, warm and charming. Please, leave your money on the counter as you leave!

How do I make it come alive for you? That is my problem. And as with life in general, some days are harder than others. Making it as real for you as it is for me is a challenge. And the pictures are getting to be the same. I mean, really, how many times can you see of a sunset, a mountain with snow or the Mississippi River and the bridge I cross it with? BORING!! Also I think my camera is starting to die as the pictures are not turning out as clear as they did when I started. Just haven’t bought another one yet.

YET, I’m very thankful for the sights and sounds of spring and the melting of winter. But as soon as I say that the gloves and hat return, I throw another cover on the bed and a log on the fire. OK, no fire, but two out of three isn’t bad. It was trying to snow as I drove through KS City. But I fought it off. I think spring is here, then go to Brookings, SD to pick up turkey for Sara Lee and take it to Phx, where it’s starting to get warm. Then pickup organic produce in Yuma where I know it’s hot already [95degrees]. I take lots of vit. C to ward off the colds I should be getting.

What may have started out as a good day, ended very, very poorly for this guy. Hope he had enough insurance. I doubled checked my policy!

I had a very big scare a few weeks ago. I was north of El Paso, just finished up a morning walk-around inspection of the truck and trailer and grabbed the handles to get into the truck and BAM! I twisted the wrong way and couldn’t move. The pain shot through my lower back, starting on my left and ran across me to the right and settled in my upper butt. I’d had that kind of pain there before and knew I was in very big trouble. Carefully getting into the truck and settling into the seat, I just sat there and prayed. Then I was able to get a heat wrap and my back brace on and started to drive. Jesus, take the wheel, was the song I kept singing [sung by Carrie Underwood] because I wasn’t sure I’d make it down the road this time. Last time [3 years almost to the day] it took a lot of help and a week of hot/cold pack treatments and doctor visits to recover. Yet, this time I didn’t have anyone to help me, no hot/cold packs and no place to get to a doctor. But, I did recover enough to keep driving. I still have pain if I move the wrong way or suddenly. I’ve seen a PT and am doing some serious work on loosening up the tightness of this ol’ body. It hasn’t been pretty but I’m still driving.

Guess I’m really glad I’m not a farmer. I saw one awhile back out tilling his field and laying manure on it in 4degree weather. And we think we have it hard at work.

It’s now Tuesday, March 15 and I’m in Ames, IA, waiting on repairs to the trailer to be completed. So far I’m about 3hrs behind. Isn’t looking like I’ll be in CA Friday at 6am. But the good news is, it’s NOT my trailer and I’m NOT paying that bill.

The weather is cold, with no snow or ice. Doesn’t look like there’ll be any in my immediate future either. I’ll wash the truck, windows and wheels and head to the land of beautiful cars and never-ending dreams.

Enjoy the rest of your winter, engulf yourself with the fresh breathe of spring before you make plans for a busy summer. Take care everyone.


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