another blast from the past…

March 28, 2011

Sunrise in NM.

NO, it’s not a golden oldie from the 1965 top 10! Or a ’57 Chevy with S/S Cragars’ all around. Nope, it’s the snow, and it’s BACK for one more shot from ole’ man winter…just to get under my skin! It’s OK, I’ll be complainin’ about the heat and bugs in July and August just as loudly.

It’s Friday, March 25 and in Knoxville tonight it’s rainy and cool. I had a great day on the road. Left Madison, IL, a sub of St. Louis this morning with a dusting of snow on the road, truck and 30 minutes later, turning into very large but wet flakes. I met up with my cousin Stan [he also drives a big rig] there and he had a parking spot saved for me where he was emptying out in the morning. It was almost 10pm and the t/s was full, as usual. Thanks, Stan. Leaving at 730 the next morning, I enjoyed some snow and heavy traffic for awhile as I headed east. Hauling turkey wings Louis Rich will grind up and add to a sausage they’re making in SC.

Nailed to a fence along the highway are early warning devices in KS, just down the road from Greensburg, KS. When they make A LOT of noise and spin REALLY, REALLY FAST, you had better be in the shelter. Or look out for Dorothy and her little dog.

This was so cool. I parked in a rest area along US 54 headed to Tucumcari, NM, not very quiet but it’ll do cause my hours were up for the day. Another driver pulled in and started to work out with a mat and two dumb-bells. I walked up and said there was a sign he must have missed that read no work outs allowed. We started talking and found out we were both Christians. After his workout and my walk, we talked about life in general. He opened up that he was hurting, not knowing exactly where God wanted him. He was in a new relationship with a friend from his high school days, was still hurting over his daughter’s death 2 years before and he missed his 2 boys. WOW, what a bomb to drop on a total stranger. But nonetheless, we shared experiences from God’s word, what various text said to us and what we thought it meant and how it applied to our lives today. The cool thing was I had a chance to interact with another believer, on a deserted highway, in the middle of no-where Texas. Who else but God could make that happen? [OK, the devil could, but wouldn’t for fear we’d talk about Christ. He’s be more app to have a bus load of druggies break down there!!]

I think the mesas in western NM are so pretty. The setting sun falls at just the perfect angles to throw strange and beautiful shallows on them. And in the morning, the same shallows appear as if awaking from a night’s sleep to show themselves.

The snow’s almost gone but not the wind.

My back is doing better. I’m doing the work the PT gave me twice a day. Had I’d been doing them for the last 40+ years, maybe I wouldn’t be in this fix. I’m using the heating pad a lot, ice packs at night and sitting on a special seat insert a couple of hours a day [it vibrates]. Most of the trouble is caused from raising and lowering the trailer’s landing gear when I drop and hook. Because most of the landing gear mechanics are very poorly maintained they are very hard to turn, raising and lowering the legs. Sometimes I have to actually get under the handle and push up to get it to high point of the turn before almost laying on the handle to get it to come back down the other side.

Sun rise over the trailers in the WalMart warehouse in Cheyenne WY. I just love to see the sun come up. And seeing it around surround a building, trees, mountains or trailers is usually special. I wish I could capture the rays of light glowing the way I see it with the camera. It never turns out exactly as I see it. Must the high quality camera I’m using!!

Between Nashville and Newberry, SC the trees and bushes are starting to bud and flower. Just beautiful, sorry my pictures do not do them justice, because they are bright and glowing with color. There are bright green, purple, bright artic white, and rust colored trees and bushes. And of course, the grass and fields are coming to life. There are new calves nursing on their mommy as they eat. I yell at them ‘run cows, don’t eat, run for your lives’ but they don’t always listen to me! A few bulls were seen eating and laying in the fresh grasses. And of course there are horses here in KY, the Bluegrass State, with their little ponies by their side. I saw a very small [8-10] bison herd somewhere south and east of St Louis, MO today, so cool. Two of them were butting heads, locking horns, moving side to side. Like in the movies. Or in the WY buffalo herd we ate in the middle of 40+ years ago.

it’s raining, you see the wiper blade, the burr of green before the beautiful blooming of pink color.

Even the snow was pretty. Probably because it was MELTING! And the budding of spring-time colors 100 miles south of Sioux Falls put a continual smile on my face and lifted my spirit all day. The further south and east I drive, the more I see and feel spring’s new life. Even though it rained 90% of the day, I knew the under-laying seeds and plants would be drinking it down and tomorrow would be a more colorful day.

Hope all is well with you. Enjoy the last days of winter wherever you are as you get ready for spring and look forward to the warmth [or heat] of summer; baseball, state fairs, watermelon then tailgating at your college football games.

SORRY about the REALLY POOR pictures. It looks like I’m heading to Best Buy to pick up another camera!! BUT I hope you get SOME idea of what I was trying to take a picture of….hope the effort counts for something???


One Response to “another blast from the past…”

  1. Aaron said

    Another enjoyable log. Glad your back is on the mend. It was good talking with you the other day also. Drive safe.

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