so much has happened….

April 10, 2011

I just love seeing the different weather patterns I run into. Thunder clouds were all over the sky this day. So pretty.

Where do I start…where did I leave off? I gota tell ya, my time just flies by, before I know it it’s been 3 weeks since I wrote. OK, here is a new effort I’ll try. Every other day I’ll post something. May not have any pictures or be a very long post. Probably won’t be really that interesting. Because the truth of the matter is that what I do is NOT very write-home-about interesting. The best part is I see a lot of pretty country that changes every day, have a different weather pattern almost every day and most places I’ve never been to before [like Fargo, ND]! SO, I’ll try….but for today, I’ll work backwards….

Woke up to very wet morning, snow that is on the truck in Kingman, AZ. Drove west from Tucumcari, NM the day before in 30-40mph winds that filled the truck with desert sand. What a mess to clean up. And had some repairs to the APU I installed last Monday and Tuesday in Omaha, NE. And it seemed to take all day to drive 577 miles. It really did, 14 hrs!

I found these old tractors in Fargo, the place had lots of them, in all different condition. Pretty neat to think farmers actually used them for years.

A very burnt field in KS. They burnt the fields [I’m told] when they’re going to start a different crop. There were hundreds and hundreds of burnt acres and they all smelled.

The spring weather is popping up all over the place. Coming out of Knoxville, IA (short-track capital of the world) there were green fields, new born cows and horses and people dressed for a warmer season. Finally.

In Atlanta a few weeks ago, it was raining dogs and cats as I waited to pick up carpeting going to Fargo, ND. The inside of the truck just wouldn’t dry out until I ran out of the rain somewhere in ILL. In Fargo, I had 4 more new tires installed on the drives, now all 8 have been replaced. The steers are still pretty good yet will add wheel balancers to smooth out the ride. With the addition of the APU, I really feel I’m getting the truck set up to make a little money. The cost of using the APU for a/c and heat is about $4-8/day verses $40-45/day by running the truck. And it’s [almost] legal in CA.

I’ve been pretty busy running in the middle of the country. Raining in Chariton, IA and had tornado warnings going off the night I was there. Two days later was in Fargo and it was 32degrees, bright sun and clear skies and I changed to shorts. SoCal today is very nice. I had the truck washed and then polished the wheels. They look real cool now!

Got to go, will write more very, very soon….


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