out of SoCal I go…

April 16, 2011


Headed north to Tulare, CA to pickup cottage cheese going to Springfield, MO. To the caves! Yes, limestone is dug out and used to create coolers, for both frozen and refrigerated foods. It’s really cool, I mean it’s pretty neat! I remember taking lots of pictures the first time I visited here. I’m sure I’ll do it again. But it’s late, real late. I was 5 hours late getting to this pickup because they couldn’t find me a reefer in SoCal. I had to wait 3 days in sunny CA.

And after I pick up the trailer, I find the trailer has NO mud flaps on the rear wheels. And trying to find a place to install them late tonight was a challenge. That’s why at 11pm I’m writing this. The shop is real busy and they’re almost closed. I hope I’ll get it repaired tonight.

And of course, this reefer is a very noisy one. So noisy in fact, I’m dropping it in the truck shop and parking next to it, by the rear wheels, so I can’t hear it. This does take up two parking places, which isn’t cool. But even with ‘glad locks’ on the air lines, I’m afraid someone may try to steal it if I ark further away. And THAT wouldn’t be a good thing. While I have insurance to cover the cargo, I’d probably have to look for another gig.

I’ll be glad to get out of CA tomorrow and be able to really put the hammer down….to a whole 62mph. I get the best fuel mileage at about that range and as I’m buying the fuel, I’ll drive a little slower.

They’re done with the repairs, now I can go to sleep….after sending this off. Hope everyone is well. ,


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