that didn’t work too well….

April 16, 2011


OK, I have to be in a place that actually has internet coverage for me to add to my blog. I figured I was close enough to Bakersfield that there would be coverage. BUT I was wrong. TONIGHT it’ll be there! I hope.

Good couple of days on the road. Still a little behind in my driving time. I’ve grown to like getting up early, and hitting the highway about 5am. Gives me some time to pray without all the heavy traffic around. And for whatever reason my mind seems to be clearer at that time of day. Maybe not so much to look at! Anyway because I got finished so late Tuesday night, Wed morning I couldn’t leave until 9am. That put me very late finding a parking place tonight. Had to get pass Holbrook, AZ tonight.

I installed a set of Centamatic wheel balancers this morning on the steer tires. I’m hoping this will smooth out the steering as well as the ride. So far, not much. I found I have a very smooth siderail on one of my steer tires while I was having hem balanced. They used as much weight as possible to balance the tire but couldn’t go to ‘zero’. I’m hoping the Centamatics will balance it the rest of the way. The steel cords are not showing yet but will have to really watch it. A steer blowing out is NOT a good thing. I should probably replace it next week when I can get to a real tire shop. Because I threw away the old tire I was carrying as a spare last week, I’ll keep this steer as the spare. I can use it at any position on the truck/trailer, where the other tire I could only use on the drives or trailer. It has to do with the tire pattern.

Anyway, I’ve made up a little time today, stopping a little earlier so I can get an earlier start tomorrow. No pictures yet, nothing worth shooting. I bought a new camera at Wally a few weeks ago, I’m sure the pictures will turn out better. The old one died. I buried it. And gave it a marker.

Take care. Hope the internet works here but so far it hasn’t worked enough for me to get into my email, so we’ll see…


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