the wind keeps on blowing…

April 16, 2011


Pretty cool sun rise, either this morning or yesterday. The start of a new day, with all it may promise, really moves me to see the wonder in it all. The shades and colors, brightness through the clouds. Ever wonder why the morning sun, rising up in the sky, seems to rise faster than the setting sun takes to drop out of the sky? Maybe I simply notice it more as I drive into the rising and setting sun more often. Sorry about the bug spray!

All the way across NM, into TX and now in OK, the wind is just trying to blow me right of the road. Really glad I have some weight back there. But even at 68k# I’m get tossed around. I’m stopped in Erick, OK, just into Ok from TX. It’s about 9pm and the trucks just a-rock’in. I wonder if the truck will be blown over. I saw a Fed-Ex truck/trailer today on it’s side. They are real lite and they drive pretty fast, they make a better target for the wind to flip. Maybe it’ll rock me to sleep tonight! The good thing is the wind is coming out of the West at my back, pushing me across down the road. Maybe my fuel mileage will improve.

The front end smoothed out a lot today. The balancers must be working, as well as balancing the tires. Weather was nice most of the day, just windy and overcast as I drove through OKC and Tulsa towards Springfield, MO. I stopped in Joplin at 4-States Chrome Shop to price a tool box. With the addition of the APU, I’ve lost a lot of my storage space and would like to get it back. They had one but the service det. doesn’t work on weekends, so they couldn’t install it for me. Besides I was pre-planned to go to Monroe, GA with a load of frozen bread dough for Wally. And I need the miles more than the tool box.

Was in the caves this afternoon, they are so neat. Constant year round temp control, no matter the weather outside. And was able to switch trailers to a quieter one. Almost didn’t get it, a WSE company driver was looking for a trailer about 10 minutes after I started looking. They picked up the one I dropped. But being a team, they not notice the noise because one is always driving, while the other tries to sleep. I have no idea how that happens, with the way the truck bounces and rocks and rolls down the road…oh, well.

Driving out of Tulsa this afternoon, I changed lanes to let this truck get on the highway. It’s hauling a piece of concrete used for a freeway overpass. There was a second truck a little ways behind this one. They left me in their dust as they drive away about 70mph. The pilot car was following with everyone’s light flashing and red flags waving.

Sitting here in the Kraft parking lot, on top of the limestone caves. Will leave for Joplin in the early morning, be there about 8am, load the dough and head to GA. Plenty of time on this one, unload at 5pm Monday. It’s raining and really, really windy. I’m stilled hooked to the trailer and the wind is blowing me from side to side. I can hear it wiping through the hollow top section of the truck, sounding like something is being blown apart.

Being here in Springfield, I’m sure the internet will work, however, I’ve not tried it yet…

The caves….limestone with concrete sprayed on the inside to keep the rock from falling and the dust away.


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