great day for a drive…

April 18, 2011

A new road, at least to me, I’d never been on it before. US60 out of Springfield, MO to Paducah, KY. Rolling hills, green fields and beautiful blossoms on the trees. And 4-lane divided black-top.

Picked up my load of dough for WallyWorld yesterday morning. I had to get 2 steer tires. Remember the ones I probably should have changed last week! Yet yesterday was just as good a day. Balanced, installed and on my way in a couple of hours. Oh, it was smoooooth ridin’ today! But back to yesterday. After getting out of the tire shop about 1pm, I decided not to go further down the road. I cleaned the inside of the truck, did my laundry, got a shower, and had a haircut. All at the truck stop. Then took a short nap. Finished up with watching a movie I’d seen many times before.

This morning was bright and sunny against a light blue sky for most of the trip. Closer to KY I got the more clouds formed an overcast trying to block out the sun. After arriving at the T/S I took a walk to the Memorial Valor Garden Park in Oak Grove, KY. It honors the wars the US has fought over our history. Did you know we were at war almost constantly from the early 1700 to just before our Civil War? And we were only in WW1 a year? And that in Frisbee golf, they can use up to 12 different sizes and weight of Frisbees? Just like in little white ball golf, they have a different ‘kind’ of Frisbee for drivers, putters, and to turn right or left, up or down? Only in America!

I walked the path they have around the Frisbee gold course at the Park and read the markers for all the wars we’ve been in. No history was told about, just the name of the war and the years, from the Indian Wars to present day. The only large memorial was to Vietnam Veterans, naming the various branches of service. I was moved as I stood there thinking of what we should have learned there and are repeating today. From the creation of this country to the present we’ve had brave men and women fighting for us so we can live as we do. Thank you for your sacrifices.

Some of the pretty country side I drove through today. Very old towns, big houses with lots of colorful trees and bushes, a church from 1838, a ‘bonding company’ from the early 1840s and a post office from 1835. No WallyWorld, NO big box hardware store or drug store, no MickyD’s.


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