pop goes the tire…tires, Oh NO!…

April 21, 2011

A waterfall in MO, around Springfield.

A riverboat in Chattanooga, TN

And then there were only 16 tires under the truck rolling down the road. And fortunately, the missing two tires were from the trailer, so Doug doesn’t have to buy them. I was just cruising along on I20 120miles East of Dallas, TX when I hear a little pop and see rubber coming from the tire. I pull over as far as I can at the end of an on-ramp to check out the damage. The tires are still there for the most part but totally unusable and ready to come apart.

It took 30 minutes to finish contacting breakdown to order a repair truck to come out. IN about an hour, they should be here.

Only took them 30 minutes to arrive and start the repair. Hopefully, he’ll be finished in an hour or so.

See ya later….


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