walkin’ on the wild side…

April 23, 2011

It ended up to be a ‘wild’ day runnin’ down the road. Up early in Lordsburg, NM, so I arrived for my alignment appointment in Phx by 10am. Yet forgot to figure in the additional hour difference between where I was and the time in Phx. Soooool, it turned out to be even earlier then I thought I was. Fortunately, they had time available and was done and back heading to Ontario, CA by noon.

The drives were pretty much in alignment, good for saving rubber. The fronts were out [toe] a little, ‘Not much’, the repair man told me. But out enough to cause a front tire to be replaced. Now, that everything is in alignment, I should get 250k-300k out of all of them. Yet I have to check the air pressure every 3-5days and add as necessary. I have a special air hose I hook to one of the air lines going to the trailer and that will supply enough air pressure to fill any low tire. And the hose is long enough so I can fill any of the trailer tires also.

The weather is beautiful in the Southwest today, just a slight appearance of clouds, a gentle breeze and the sun shining at about 88degrees. Perfect CofC postcard weather. BUT it’s still early, so it’ll probably get HOT!

Waiting for the truck to be finished I took a walk. The shop is located under the freeway at 23rd Ave and McDowell in Phx. So I thought I’d go down McDowell and find some place to eat. I walked down to 35th Ave, ate at Jack’s Box and walked back. Passing me were at least 6 cop cars with lights going; 2 more SUV cops with lights. And a fire truck. All in about 90 minutes. I very good pat of town for this old guy to be walking in. Of course it was day, so what could have happened!

Sorry, none of the desert color photos turned out!

Coming out of the east through Birmingham, AL, towards the desert, everything is in bloom. The green fields of the south are beginning to grow and the desert is already bright with color. While I don’t care for Palo Verde trees, they are pretty in full color. And the late sunsets are making it hard to judge when to get to sleep for an early wake up call. Interestingly, the sun seems to ‘rise’ in different stages in different areas of the country. This morning in the Southwest it was shining about 5am local time. Where in the South on Wednesday, it wasn’t till almost 630am for the top of the sun to peak over the road. And no, the sun wasn’t hiding behind any mountains either.

A miracle happened before my very eyes this after noon just outside Quartzsite, AZ. An east bound semi got too close to the edge of the road and ran into the soft edge which sucked him down into the center median. He was looking right at me as he lost control of the rig. As he tried to steer it away from the west bound traffic, he was fighting the ruts and bush with nothing but dust flying everywhere. His brakes were probably pretty useless about now as he drove up the banking into the west bound traffic. But somehow he kept it out of anyone’s travel path and steered it back into the median, were it finally stopped and turned it over on its side. I was told he crawled out and was walking around. I can’t imagine how frightened he was thinking ‘this isn’t good’. Yet for half a minute I was real concerned he was coming up into my lane. As it turned out he came up towards the west bound traffic about 3 trucks behind me. I called 911 and then asked a trucker heading west about how it all turned out. Apparently, he was the only vehicle involved, ended up in the median, so no traffic was stopped, and no one was really hurt. I really hope he has insurance!

Hope everyone is doing well on this Good Friday. Everyone have their Easter outfits cleaned and ready to wear?

I’m not sure what this is but it really was tying up traffic in Dallas the other morning. If it was deeper I’d say it was a racing sail boat hull. It was curved so it’s hard to picture it a freeway something. And because it’s covered up pretty well means they didn’t want it wet, dirty or seen. Any guess???


One Response to “walkin’ on the wild side…”

  1. Cheryl said

    Honestly Dougie, 35th Avenue and McDowell? Not smart . . .

    It looks like your windshield needs to be replaced too, yes?

    Great pics as usual ~ say hi to Bob!

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