the smell of dry rain…

April 28, 2011

The dust is being kicked up by the really strong winds.

Aaron, hang in there, you have almost reached your goal. Just a few more months! You know you’ll be so proud of yourself when you’re finished. I’m very proud of you earning not only a BS degree but a Masters also. And you’ve put in the work necessary to earned them both from a real college rather than a paper mill. The real world knowledge you’ve gained from being in a classroom with other students and the prof can not be read in a book. You have set yourself up to do far more than I ever could.

The rain was just a sprinkle, just enough to make the windshield and truck dirty. You know what I mean. That newly fallen rain, that dusty smell from rain that’s falling somewhere near by but you don’t know where? And it smelled good! Of course, the dust the storm clouds helped create from the same desert wasn’t pretty. But the super large, white thunder heads sure were. They filled the entire sky. I’m not sure where that storm is headed but so far, I haven’t had any real rain. However, according to the weather report, I am headed right into the heart of that storm in MO. Oh, what fun!


The storm clouds being blown across the desert.

The wind blew me from Kingman, AZ across NM to Amarillo, TX today, helping me make 7.9mpg. Very cool. And that was averaging about 68mph. The cruise was set at 63 but the tail wind was working real hard to get me down the road in a hurry. Unfortunately I’m sitting in the t/s in Amarillo being rocked back and forth by the same wind. Should be an interesting night. I’ve again disconnected the trailer and moved away from it as the reefer is VERY loud and hard to sleep under.

More later….

PS- this is actually posted on 4-27-11. But for some reason didn’t make it to the internet. I’m really not sure why. So a day late and dollar short….. but enjoy.


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