what’s in the sky above Groom, TX…

April 28, 2011

And where is Groom, TX you ask? About 40 miles east of Amarillo in the pan handle. I left Amarillo very early Wednesday morning, headed east into what was supposed to be the heart of the rain and thunder storms. The moon was just a slice of what it usually is. I think it’s actually described as a quarter moon at this time of its cycle. Floating in and out of the rain cloud cover gave it an eerie sight. Thinking I was headed towards some bad weather made the sight of such a moon all the more menacing.

In the sky to the left of the moon, the clouds were being lite by what looked like a glow. In the middle of this glow was a very dark wide ‘line’. It looked like a search light I saw as a kid when a car dealer would want everyone to know he was having a sale and shine a powerful spotlight into the night sky, rotating it round in a circle. Thinking that tornadoes may be present made my mind see the dark ‘line’ as the center of a tornado or storm of some kind! As I drove closer the dark part got darker and the glow in the clouds got brighter. What city is in the area that would give off that kind of bright glow? Amarillo was behind me, OKC was 200miles ahead of me?

Then I saw it. As plain as day. The same think I see every time I drive I40 in central TX. It was a cross. Not just any cross but a huge white cross planted near the highway in Groom, TX. It is the second largest cross in the Western Hemisphere. The cross is 190ft high and can be seen from 20miles away. Erected in 1995, 10million people pass by every year and 1000 stop every day to walk around it. The cross weights 1250 tons and was welded together by 100 welders.


Pretty cool to see the reflection of a cross in the storm clouds above the highway. I thought that was a pretty interesting way of God telling me not to worry, He had everything under control.


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