Another beautiful sunrise over the mountains of NM near Gallup. I just love the way storm clouds are covering up the morning sun. So many formations, shadows and imagines. Can you make any animals out of them. I got 2!

A load out of Ontario, CA headed for Panama, IA , north of Omaha. But the load wouldn’t scale, so I had to take it back to the shipper and have them reload it. Lost 4-5 hours of driving time. I decided to stay in Ontario for the night and get an early start before LA woke up and head out. However, LA has a traffic crowding problem 24-hours a day it seems.

Big race day on Sunday, Starting with the F1 race in Monaco, then the Indy 500 and on Monday is the GrandAm Rolex race from VA. And on Sunday night the Charlotte 600 will be run. Probably won’t get the 500 but the rest I’ll listen too.

This was so cool. I think this contail is from a missile. There was no plane around. It was visalble for a long time. And there was a lot of it, unlike a plane.

A sweet town in southern KS, Bucklin, population not many. They had one school complex and it was called a Community School Building! But it was started in the early 30’s, making it very old.
Bucklin, KS, 1936 just an old building with lots of history and memories.

The local Methodist church, started in 1936.

Now this is an old city hall 1912 City Hall – same year AZ became a State

Just a cool rebuilt Mustang, a few of the pieces didn’t fit the year but still looked very cool

The weather has been pretty easy on me. No twisting things out of the clouds so far. Just rain, clouds and lighting. The run into Panama was easy, straightforward with an easy drop and hook. But I don’t have a trailer, so will have to find one in Des Moines, IA tomorrow. But tonight I’m headed to a dirt short track in Harlan, IA. A double feature due to a couple of weeks of rain outs. I’ve parked the truck under some large old oak trees and will spend the night here.

Hope all are well.


Arrived in SoCal, Ontario, CA, Monday afternoon and after delivering my trailer headed to the repair shop to have my 5th wheel plate looked at. Of course it was too late in the day to get to it today, first thing in the morning I was told. Turns out I need a new 5th wheel plate. And the cracked windshield will be replaced at the same time. Unfortunately, I have enough money in my maintenance fund.

Wednesday morning the 5th wheel plate arrives and is installed before 9am. I head over to the trailer yard looking for a trailer and find a new one to take. I’m now ready to roll, I need to, I’ve been sitting for 2 days.

The load offer is picking up today, 25th, delivering in Fargo ND on the 31st. The problem is that’s a 3 ½ day drive. And then I sit for over 2 days. After further discussions with my fleet mgr., telling him there’s too much time on it, I turn it down. The next load offer is picking up today, delivering in Panama, Iowa Sat, 28th. A good load, enough time and hopefully I can get a reload out of there on Sat or Sun before the holiday.

But the load won’t scale legal, it’s too heavy on the trailer end. So back to the shipper I head, to have them reload the trailer so it’s legal. But rather then remove all the load and reload it, they just take off 4000#s. But it scales legal, and doesn’t matter to me. However, this takes all afternoon.

Rather than fight the LA traffic out of town, I decide to spend the night in Ontario and get a real early start in the morning. So, it’ll be off to I40 on my way to the land of Dorothy and beyond. Hopefully the bad weather will blow out of there for me.

till later…


In Flagstaff tonight and there is snow on three of the peaks above the city. It’s about 70degrees and windy. I’m sure tonight it’ll get cold. I can’t wait.

Yesterday morning coming through Wichita, KS, the weather was dark and rainy. The thunder clouds were full of water and lighting was striking all around me. There was a band of rain storms headed east, towards the wet South.

Had a god drive in AZ, but was up tooooo early and was really tired all day. I even stopped and took a 30min ‘power nap’. I’m not sure how much power there was, I was still tired as I left the rest area.

I’m in Little America t/s and was really looking forward to having a good Mexican dinner. But they changed the whole menu since the last time I was here. So, it’s dinner in the truck again [pasta and sauce with a salad].

Need some sleep, so it’ll be send off the posts, eat dinner and get to bed. Sorry they are so late.

Enjoy your weekend!


Another wonderful sunrise…..what more can I say?

Hudson, Wi is just over the Mississippi river from the twin cities. I had a Pre/Plan already to pick up in the morning. Arrive on time and was loaded quickly. Now how fast can I get through the morning traffic as I head South to Kansas City? It’s bumper to bumper, with no relieve in sight. About 45minutes into my drive, I get a phone call telling me the wrong product was loaded and I needed to go back to the warehouse.

Fortunately, the paperwork and weight of the load were correct. The guy just loaded the wrong product. It was sitting right next to my load and was to be loaded later this morning. But I was loaded quickly and on my way. The traffic has cleared out and it’s a pretty fast run through town.

The trees in front of the warehouse are just beautiful. The white one is dropping it’s pedals and the wind is blowing them around. It looks like large flakes of snow.

This is a good thing as I don’t have a lot of hours still for the day. I may not make it to my chosen overnight stop. I plan every step of my trip. Where I’ll fuel and scale the load is necessary. And most important to me is where I’ll stop for the night. Along the highway on an on or off ramp doesn’t make for a restful night. A shopping center works fine, IF they’ll allow it. Yet many do not. Even stores some big-box hardware stores won’t allow trucks in the lot. WalMart is very good about allowing us in but we have to fight all the 4-wheeler traffic as well. And one never knows when someone will park in front of you, go shopping and box you in. I’m really aware of where I park and what could be in my way in the morning.

I have to cut this trip short about an hour and stop at a rest area south of Kansas City. I’m about out of hours but most importantly to me, it’s getting late and there may not be a parking place at the t/s I was headed to. So, this will work fine. I take a 30min walk, eat some dinner and find there is no internet coverage here either.

Tomorrow will be a good day, I’ll get started early, and head out towards Tucumcari, NM for tomorrow night. They have good parking and lots of it.

A picture of the gardens around the freeways of the Twin Cities.

Take care, there’ll be more to come.


Leaving Provo this morning, the glow from the setting moon reflected through the clouds covering the high mountains above Salt Lake City. As it drifted behind the mountains, the outline of the moon was beautiful as the dying glow fell out of sight.

‘Snow’…I thought this was summer. But I guess not in the high mountains of the West, because the mountains above Provo and SLC had plenty of snow. Maybe not enough for the hard core skier snow-plowing the diamond slope but between the trees the snow looked pretty good to me.

Running through SoCal Sat I came upon this ‘rat-rod’ being trailered. Somebody has put a lot of work into this beauty. I’m sure it ‘goes’ as well as ‘shows’!

Sorry, this is so late in coming. It’s been a pretty hard few days. Got into LA and emptied out OK. Found a van trailer and still had a few hours left on the clock. Enough, I thought, to go and pickup the ‘drop and hook’ trailer. I got to the shipper and discovered there was a big difference in the load I accepted and the load the shipper had for me. Nothing matched, not the delivery cities, not the delivery dates and it was a 2 stop load rather than a single stop.

I ran out of my 14hr clock while at the shipper and decided I needed to leave and find a parking place for the night. I had to get this situation resolved before I picked-up the wrong load and took it 2100 miles to the wrong place.

I couldn’t find a parking place anywhere. WalMart was filled with shoppers, and there were no openings at the few warehouses I did find. Finally, I found a wide dirt spot on an on-ramp, headed in the wrong direction. It turned out this was pretty quiet, and no one bothered me all night.

I picked up the load early Sunday morning, and headed east to Salt Lake City. Ten hours later I stopped for the night.

Bright and early today had another full day in store for me. Over night at the WalMart in Sidney, NE is my home tonight. I have 400miles in the morning, Tuesday, for my first delivery. Then Because I’m real low on available hours, I’ll spend the night in Omaha before heading to the Twin Cities with my second delivery in Hudson, WI. Long days in row causes one to get to sleep early. And regardless of what they say, the whole country does not have cell phone or internet coverage! I didn’t have internet coverage outside Provo last night and don’t have it tonight either. YOU will see this soon….

Hopefully, I’ll have internet coverage in Omaha! Have fun everyone, enjoy your spring and summer.

Another beautiful sunrise, the start to a wonderful day; another chance to do a good thing for someone else, just because; another chance a change a bad behavior. But mostly it’s another chance for us to see what a wonderful country we live in.

And some don’t…And you thought the wind blew all the time in OK! Only a few of you have probably ever been to Angie’s favorite place…can you guess where?????? Here’s a hint….it’s only a few hundred miles from her home in Moore, OK. You’re right it’s Midland/Odessa. The garden spot of… right here! Come on Angie, you know you want to open and manage a field office here? Yes, the wind is blowing, the dust is blowing and it’s hot!

The floods waters are rising. But most of all they’re spreading out to the farm lands on both sides of the Mississippi River, up and down its route. The water level on the bridge in Vicksburg, MS was below 60feet. Yet, farms for about 2 miles on either side of the river are flooded. Many of the rice crops along the banks will be lost this year. As will many of the homes.

The water is so high here in Vicksburg, the transformers will be under water soon….

I’ve been fortunate I haven’t run into any problems with the river that last few weeks as I have crossed it several times. However, I’ve been crossing the southern half of the river were the water isn’t as high yet.

Hope everyone is doing well, be sure to use sunblock [at least 45] and wear wide brim hats with pretty silk flowered ties [e-bay bid $10]. Send me a picture!

Yellow sun flowers on the on-ramp in the AZ desert near Wilcox. This bunch is the only ones I saw; no other plants had any flowers on them. Strange!

TV! That’s how bad the twister tore up Tuscaloosa, AL. I never saw any TV news reporting of the damage done but I can tell you it is far worst in person. I’m about 34 miles east of Tuscaloosa and even here the tree damage is bad. The hills on the eastern edge of the city look like they came in and clear-cut sections of the forest, leaving the landscape bare of almost everything but stumps. Jumping from section to section as they felt like it, with no clear idea or reason which direction they went. The destruction is really just that way. Tops of trees were torn right off while others were simply broke off, hanging to one side with no shape to it. Some trees were wiped clean of all leaves and branches, left are bare poles ready for phone lines to be strung. The tree breaks are clean as one would break a dry tree branch; a simple ‘snap’ is all it took. Some steel highway signs are tore right out of their concrete settings. Others were snapped where they were bolted together. Apparently, the bolts weren’t designed to withstand this amount of force. The path taken is like Paul Bunyan and his ox, Blue, walked around in the forest, just stepping on and flattening whatever they walked on. What amazes me the most is the totally random path the twister took. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Vicksburg, MS is the next city the mighty Mississippi will be visiting. There usually is NOT water in this field nor is it up this high under the bridge.

Today started with clouds and what looked like a chance of rain. A few hours later it was a mix of blue skies and white puffy clouds. What was cool, was the cloud pattern; I can’t think of when I’ve seen it before. Low lying puffy dark ‘rain’ clouds covering up another cover of white, thinly placed clouds appearing to be lying flat across the sky. NO rain, guess I’ll have to get the truck washed!

A Texas sun set, leaving the desert behind in a shade of darkness. If you enlarge the photo, I believe you can make out the round sun just falling away from the sky.

I really like my APU system. It gives me constant electric power for everything I need; A/C when it’s hot; heat when it’s cold. It keeps the truck batteries fully charged. And it causes my feet to be very COLD! I can turn around my driver’s chair around and face my bedroom; much like a captains chair in a custom van. However, the installation of the duck work for the A/C is right below my bed, at floor level. While the floor area is comfortable, except my feet, I wear socks, when I stand up, it’s hot and stuffy because cold air does NOT rise. So, I’ll have to design and install some ‘tubes ’ to ‘duck’ the vents where they will actually cool the entire cab. Fortunately, that space isn’t very large!

I’ll be just west of Atlanta, GA in the morning, empty out and then head out again to places un-known to me. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating their Moms, in whatever form that took. Enjoy your spring as you plan for that real expensive summer vacation. Remember, the job you help to stimulate, may be your own! And of course, the country needs the economic boost!

P.S – take the train, it’s cheaper and you’ll see more of this beautiful country.

Out of hours so can’t get into Ontario and deliver as early as I’d like so the load of 3M tape will have to wait. Yet even so, it was an easy run and arrived a day early. Here’s hoping to getting a load out early. I look for a reefer trailer on Wednesday afternoon so if my next load needs to be ‘cold’ I’m ready to go. But none to be found, so I’ll wait till morning. I know of one if really needed!

My pre-plan takes me to Atlanta, GA and leaves me enough time to stop in Mesa and see Mom for Mom’s Day a day early. It will be a very short visit, just breakfast, but well worth it. Happy Mom’s Day, I love you!

This guy has been standing in this Texas town for over 30years I was told. He’s in front of a hotel and restaurant that has been closed for some time. I’ve been meaning to get a picture of him for a while, sorry it’s late.

Last week running to Prairie Du Chein, Wi, I came upon this piece of farm equipment and was amazed at the size of the tires. And I thought I had large tires.

Looks like an early form of ‘time-share’ near a lake in WI. However, it seems it has been lacking in the up-keep department!

A bridge in WI, just thought it was cool looking.

My run to Atlanta should be a quick one, but 625 miles a day, I delivery Tuesday morning and I lose 2 hours of driving time.

Hope everyone is doing OK. Sorry this is late in getting posted…

Another beautiful sunrise to start my day.

The beauty of a rainbow, all the colors one can think of. The best ones are those that start up towards heaven on one side as it flows up and over our heads as it falls gently to earth on our other side. We’ve all seen lots of them, but I’m always amazed at their beauty and promise.

Please notice the double rainbows!

The storm I thought I was driving into never materialized. I had blue skies, white puffy clouds and the smell of freshly fallen rain. It was a beautiful day for a drive. However, waiting to be unloaded the skies above Cincinnati let go and I got real wet!

Swollen Mississippi River

Rain run off over the banks of the Miss River flooding the fields

truck accident and stuck on side of road

The rains came to MO, IL and IN last week and is still around. Everywhere I went and looked the fields, roads and small ponds and lakes were flooded. After the snows melted, the rains came and just added to the wetness. After hearing of the weather in the South, this doesn’t seem bad at all!

The Mississippi River as well as most of the rivers I saw were all at the tops of their banks. The land around the rivers were just as flooded as the river. Fields that should have crops in them are under water.

In my last posting I talked about the second tallest cross….this is the tallest!