a promise of less water from now on….

May 2, 2011

Another beautiful sunrise to start my day.

The beauty of a rainbow, all the colors one can think of. The best ones are those that start up towards heaven on one side as it flows up and over our heads as it falls gently to earth on our other side. We’ve all seen lots of them, but I’m always amazed at their beauty and promise.

Please notice the double rainbows!

The storm I thought I was driving into never materialized. I had blue skies, white puffy clouds and the smell of freshly fallen rain. It was a beautiful day for a drive. However, waiting to be unloaded the skies above Cincinnati let go and I got real wet!

Swollen Mississippi River

Rain run off over the banks of the Miss River flooding the fields

truck accident and stuck on side of road

The rains came to MO, IL and IN last week and is still around. Everywhere I went and looked the fields, roads and small ponds and lakes were flooded. After the snows melted, the rains came and just added to the wetness. After hearing of the weather in the South, this doesn’t seem bad at all!

The Mississippi River as well as most of the rivers I saw were all at the tops of their banks. The land around the rivers were just as flooded as the river. Fields that should have crops in them are under water.

In my last posting I talked about the second tallest cross….this is the tallest!


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