crazy to a good week…

May 7, 2011

Out of hours so can’t get into Ontario and deliver as early as I’d like so the load of 3M tape will have to wait. Yet even so, it was an easy run and arrived a day early. Here’s hoping to getting a load out early. I look for a reefer trailer on Wednesday afternoon so if my next load needs to be ‘cold’ I’m ready to go. But none to be found, so I’ll wait till morning. I know of one if really needed!

My pre-plan takes me to Atlanta, GA and leaves me enough time to stop in Mesa and see Mom for Mom’s Day a day early. It will be a very short visit, just breakfast, but well worth it. Happy Mom’s Day, I love you!

This guy has been standing in this Texas town for over 30years I was told. He’s in front of a hotel and restaurant that has been closed for some time. I’ve been meaning to get a picture of him for a while, sorry it’s late.

Last week running to Prairie Du Chein, Wi, I came upon this piece of farm equipment and was amazed at the size of the tires. And I thought I had large tires.

Looks like an early form of ‘time-share’ near a lake in WI. However, it seems it has been lacking in the up-keep department!

A bridge in WI, just thought it was cool looking.

My run to Atlanta should be a quick one, but 625 miles a day, I delivery Tuesday morning and I lose 2 hours of driving time.

Hope everyone is doing OK. Sorry this is late in getting posted…


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