believe everything you saw on…

May 10, 2011

Yellow sun flowers on the on-ramp in the AZ desert near Wilcox. This bunch is the only ones I saw; no other plants had any flowers on them. Strange!

TV! That’s how bad the twister tore up Tuscaloosa, AL. I never saw any TV news reporting of the damage done but I can tell you it is far worst in person. I’m about 34 miles east of Tuscaloosa and even here the tree damage is bad. The hills on the eastern edge of the city look like they came in and clear-cut sections of the forest, leaving the landscape bare of almost everything but stumps. Jumping from section to section as they felt like it, with no clear idea or reason which direction they went. The destruction is really just that way. Tops of trees were torn right off while others were simply broke off, hanging to one side with no shape to it. Some trees were wiped clean of all leaves and branches, left are bare poles ready for phone lines to be strung. The tree breaks are clean as one would break a dry tree branch; a simple ‘snap’ is all it took. Some steel highway signs are tore right out of their concrete settings. Others were snapped where they were bolted together. Apparently, the bolts weren’t designed to withstand this amount of force. The path taken is like Paul Bunyan and his ox, Blue, walked around in the forest, just stepping on and flattening whatever they walked on. What amazes me the most is the totally random path the twister took. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Vicksburg, MS is the next city the mighty Mississippi will be visiting. There usually is NOT water in this field nor is it up this high under the bridge.

Today started with clouds and what looked like a chance of rain. A few hours later it was a mix of blue skies and white puffy clouds. What was cool, was the cloud pattern; I can’t think of when I’ve seen it before. Low lying puffy dark ‘rain’ clouds covering up another cover of white, thinly placed clouds appearing to be lying flat across the sky. NO rain, guess I’ll have to get the truck washed!

A Texas sun set, leaving the desert behind in a shade of darkness. If you enlarge the photo, I believe you can make out the round sun just falling away from the sky.

I really like my APU system. It gives me constant electric power for everything I need; A/C when it’s hot; heat when it’s cold. It keeps the truck batteries fully charged. And it causes my feet to be very COLD! I can turn around my driver’s chair around and face my bedroom; much like a captains chair in a custom van. However, the installation of the duck work for the A/C is right below my bed, at floor level. While the floor area is comfortable, except my feet, I wear socks, when I stand up, it’s hot and stuffy because cold air does NOT rise. So, I’ll have to design and install some ‘tubes ’ to ‘duck’ the vents where they will actually cool the entire cab. Fortunately, that space isn’t very large!

I’ll be just west of Atlanta, GA in the morning, empty out and then head out again to places un-known to me. Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating their Moms, in whatever form that took. Enjoy your spring as you plan for that real expensive summer vacation. Remember, the job you help to stimulate, may be your own! And of course, the country needs the economic boost!

P.S – take the train, it’s cheaper and you’ll see more of this beautiful country.


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