some call this heaven…

May 13, 2011

Another beautiful sunrise, the start to a wonderful day; another chance to do a good thing for someone else, just because; another chance a change a bad behavior. But mostly it’s another chance for us to see what a wonderful country we live in.

And some don’t…And you thought the wind blew all the time in OK! Only a few of you have probably ever been to Angie’s favorite place…can you guess where?????? Here’s a hint….it’s only a few hundred miles from her home in Moore, OK. You’re right it’s Midland/Odessa. The garden spot of… right here! Come on Angie, you know you want to open and manage a field office here? Yes, the wind is blowing, the dust is blowing and it’s hot!

The floods waters are rising. But most of all they’re spreading out to the farm lands on both sides of the Mississippi River, up and down its route. The water level on the bridge in Vicksburg, MS was below 60feet. Yet, farms for about 2 miles on either side of the river are flooded. Many of the rice crops along the banks will be lost this year. As will many of the homes.

The water is so high here in Vicksburg, the transformers will be under water soon….

I’ve been fortunate I haven’t run into any problems with the river that last few weeks as I have crossed it several times. However, I’ve been crossing the southern half of the river were the water isn’t as high yet.

Hope everyone is doing well, be sure to use sunblock [at least 45] and wear wide brim hats with pretty silk flowered ties [e-bay bid $10]. Send me a picture!


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