hey, Bob, look at that moonset…

May 22, 2011


Leaving Provo this morning, the glow from the setting moon reflected through the clouds covering the high mountains above Salt Lake City. As it drifted behind the mountains, the outline of the moon was beautiful as the dying glow fell out of sight.

‘Snow’…I thought this was summer. But I guess not in the high mountains of the West, because the mountains above Provo and SLC had plenty of snow. Maybe not enough for the hard core skier snow-plowing the diamond slope but between the trees the snow looked pretty good to me.

Running through SoCal Sat I came upon this ‘rat-rod’ being trailered. Somebody has put a lot of work into this beauty. I’m sure it ‘goes’ as well as ‘shows’!

Sorry, this is so late in coming. It’s been a pretty hard few days. Got into LA and emptied out OK. Found a van trailer and still had a few hours left on the clock. Enough, I thought, to go and pickup the ‘drop and hook’ trailer. I got to the shipper and discovered there was a big difference in the load I accepted and the load the shipper had for me. Nothing matched, not the delivery cities, not the delivery dates and it was a 2 stop load rather than a single stop.

I ran out of my 14hr clock while at the shipper and decided I needed to leave and find a parking place for the night. I had to get this situation resolved before I picked-up the wrong load and took it 2100 miles to the wrong place.

I couldn’t find a parking place anywhere. WalMart was filled with shoppers, and there were no openings at the few warehouses I did find. Finally, I found a wide dirt spot on an on-ramp, headed in the wrong direction. It turned out this was pretty quiet, and no one bothered me all night.

I picked up the load early Sunday morning, and headed east to Salt Lake City. Ten hours later I stopped for the night.

Bright and early today had another full day in store for me. Over night at the WalMart in Sidney, NE is my home tonight. I have 400miles in the morning, Tuesday, for my first delivery. Then Because I’m real low on available hours, I’ll spend the night in Omaha before heading to the Twin Cities with my second delivery in Hudson, WI. Long days in row causes one to get to sleep early. And regardless of what they say, the whole country does not have cell phone or internet coverage! I didn’t have internet coverage outside Provo last night and don’t have it tonight either. YOU will see this soon….

Hopefully, I’ll have internet coverage in Omaha! Have fun everyone, enjoy your spring and summer.


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